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NinthDecimal: Measurement and Attribution with LiveRamp

  • - LiveRamp
  • 1 min read

NinthDecimal is a mobile location intelligence platform that goes beyond vanity metrics to understand and capture real audience growth.

LiveRamp enabled NinthDecimal to resolve identity with precision, scale, and validation by the ecosystem, allowing for fidelity and accuracy of identity resolution at scale, and with third-party validation in terms of adoption by the ecosystem.

Over time, LiveRamp became more and more of a partner for securely processing data that NinthDecimal exchanges with their partners—especially as part of their attribution measurement business, as well as in the television space.

Because television viewing happens at the household level, matching identities at an individual viewer level only gets advertisers part of the way towards understanding who in a household might have been exposed to an ad. Together, LiveRamp and NinthDecimal determined that household expansion of identity could increase scale without sacrificing matching precision.

Learn more about how LiveRamp can help process and match exposure data from partners in the television ecosystem, and do it all in a secure environment that protects consumers.