MediaMath Partners with LiveRamp to Incorporate CRM Data into Programmatic Media Buying

Marketing Innovation

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MediaMath Partners with LiveRamp to Incorporate CRM Data into Programmatic Media Buying

Marketing Innovation

MediaMath, one of the industry’s leading media buying platforms, has partnered with LiveRamp to build a seamless programmatic buying experience using offline data. LiveRamp has onboarded data for over 65 brands to TerminalOne, MediaMath’s proprietary digital media, data management, and analytics platform.

“MediaMath’s platform provides a powerful programmatic marketing solution for brands,” said Auren Hoffman, CEO, LiveRamp. “When this technology is paired with data onboarding, brands can optimize messaging, find high performance audiences, and increase ROI.”

“Effective online advertising is only as good as the data that marketers use. When marketers use their CRM data, they can expand their online audience beyond the customers who visit their online retail location, and prospect new consumers. By giving advertisers access to LiveRamp’s capabilities, we’re helping them broaden their online audience pool.”

– Joe Zawadzki, CEO, MediaMath

A large clothing retailer can scale its remarketing efforts through a process known as “CRM retargeting”. The brand sends its CRM file to LiveRamp who onboards the data to TerminalOne, and within 2-3 days this data is ready to be used within the platform.

With data onboarding, a retailer can run a display campaign targeted to customers based on attributes such as purchase amount, transaction history, and direct mail response.

Here are the key value propositions related to the LiveRamp and MediaMath integration:

  1. Intelligent Messaging: Marketers can use demographic data or purchase history to create a more relevant ad experience for each customer.
  2. Multi-channel Delivery: Marketers can use offline data within TerminalOne to serve display ads to direct mail and email marketing campaign recipients.
  3. Broader Audience: “Offline” customers can be found online, thus widening the marketer’s audience pool.
  4. Customer Re-engagement: Marketers can engage with customers who have infrequent contact with their brand.
  5. Offline Attribution: By activating offline data within TerminalOne, brands have the ability to measure the effectiveness of a display campaign with respect to offline conversions (e.g. in-store purchases).

Click here for more information about how the MediaMath and LiveRamp integration can work for your business. 

About MediaMath:

MediaMath’s TerminalOne is the operating system for marketing professionals. Through the platform, marketers can speak to their customers as individuals, utilizing the latest technology and audience data to deliver finely targeted ad messages across channels and at scale. TerminalOne delivers the key pillars for digital marketing in one efficient system, with media, data, ad serving, decisioning & analytics and service. With industry-leading access across exchanges, supply platforms and publishers, TerminalOne drives precision and scale across display, video, social and mobile channels.

Headquartered in New York, with 16 locations worldwide, MediaMath is the trusted source for marketers and agencies looking to navigate the complex digital advertising landscape. MediaMath’s investors include Safeguard Scientifics (NYSE:SFE), QED Investors, Catalyst Investors and Observatory Capital.