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Maximizing your B2B Marketing Impact during an Economic Downturn

  • - Spencer Smith
  • 3 min read

During this trying time, it’s more crucial than ever that B2B marketing budgets are used efficiently to generate leads and build a sales pipeline with the right decision makers from target accounts. With many in-person event cancellations, marketing budgets are shifting to digital channels. For some, this is uncharted territory. Here are three ways LiveRamp can help you maximize your marketing campaigns and the impact on your business. 

Reach Professionals Anywhere

As the corporate workforce sets up workstations in their home, it’s key you reach decision makers and influencers at your target accounts beyond their physical offices. Relying on solutions based on corporate IP addresses for targeting and measurement won’t always cut it when your target audience is working from home or on the road. Rather, you need to reach your target audience and measure the account-level results wherever they may be currently working.

Over the past two years, LiveRamp has invested in a B2B identity graph that supports the modern work-from-anywhere economy, by leveraging devices, not IP addresses. This graph deterministically ties together professional and consumer touch points to make your marketing dollars work as efficiently as possible across digital channels. This means that as more people work from home, our solutions, including ABM audiences curated by LiveRamp B2B, and the trusted third-party data sellers who onboard and activate their data with LiveRamp B2B, will maintain robust audience sizes. Target audiences do not need to be on their corporate network for you to reach them, guaranteeing that professionals working from home will not slow down your B2B marketing efficiency.

Decrease Your Cost Per MQL

Chances are you’re being asked to deliver the same results—or more—with a smaller budget. When it comes to reaching your B2B target audiences, it’s important to reach audiences accurately and through as many touch points as possible to avoid wasted ad dollars.

Account-based marketing (ABM) utilizing deterministic B2B identity resolution enables you to  reach more of your target audience more often, and more effectively. Moreover, maximizing the scale and accuracy of your data-driven campaigns, whether using your own first-party CRM or trusted third-party ABM audiences, drives MQL costs down. With the largest independent professional ID graph, LiveRamp B2B’s solutions are purposely built to help you reach more of your contacts across more of their devices more frequently. This means not only more chances to generate leads and sales opportunities, but also greater efficiency in your marketing spend.

Demonstrate Marketing Success

You’re being asked to stretch your marketing dollars even further, so it’s more important than ever to prove the ROI of your campaigns and optimize spend where it has the highest impact on your target accounts. Demonstrating your campaign’s success means measuring how your marketing efforts are helping to close specific opportunities and their contribution to your sales team’s bookings and revenue goals.

Using the same underlying identity resolution for B2B measurement as you use for B2B targeting enables you to accurately tie business outcomes back to your campaign and creative touch points at the account level. LiveRamp’s measurement solutions and reports ensure you can quantify the impact of marketing on your target accounts and show which display, social, search, and on-site activities are having the biggest impact on your sales organization. Even with more professionals working from home, B2B marketers can continue to effectively equip their sales teams with insights, prove ROI, and optimize ROAS.

LiveRamp B2B empowers you to make your B2B marketing more effective and impactful by reaching your target audience and helping you maximize the power of your first-party data, as well as reaching those who aren’t in your CRM with high-quality third-party data activation. Couple that with accurate account-based measurement across channels to prove your marketing dollars are delivering leads and lowering cost per MQL. 

The current economic uncertainty means you need the right B2B-focused solutions to tackle the long B2B sales cycles and complex buyer journeys, while reaching members of buying committees wherever they’re working. It’s also imperative to reach target audiences at scale to ensure you’re generating qualified leads who will be ready to activate your solutions once their budgets increase.