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Match Rates Are Up!

February 8, 2016  |   LiveRamp

Have you noticed a little more bang for your onboarding buck lately?

Since last summer, our match rates are up an average of nearly 30%!

Why Match Rates Are Rising

We’re constantly investing in projects designed to increase match rates. In fact, we have an entire team dedicated to this goal called the “Reach Squad.”

Our Reach Squad’s recent innovations include:

1. Deepening Integration with AbiliTecⓇ

For offline recognition, the first step in the data onboarding process, we now utilize a deeper integration with AbiliTec, the most advanced recognition platform on the market.

AbiliTec leverages a knowledge base with 40 years of history and more than a thousand business rules to match PII-based data elements, such as email address and name and postal address, to a unique consumer.

By deepening our integration with AbiliTec, we were able to gain a significant boost in match rates without compromising accuracy.

2. Smart Reach Discovery and Implementation

Another important step in onboarding data is finding a linkage between an anonymized offline customer record and a device (such as a cookie or mobile device ID). Many of our clients have access to such linkages through authenticated traffic, emails, or mobile apps.

We recently established a system that allows clients to benefit from each others’ linkages in a non discoverable way. As a result, they see a boost in match rates without sharing any data with other companies.

Each client contributes a small amount of linkages and benefits from a much larger pool provided by all other participants.

The initial group of 20 participating clients have seen match rate improvements of over 20%, and we’re just getting started.

3. Leveraging Mobile Data and Technologies

Commanding 51% of consumers’ time spent with digital media, mobile has become a significant consumer touch-point for marketers.

Over the last six months, LiveRamp has tripled our mobile match pool, increasing our clients’ ability to address mobile customers.

Look forward to continued expansion of mobile reach and additional announcements in the coming months.

4. Enhancing Online Match Network

In addition to these initiatives we have continued to grow our existing match network, expanding it to over 300 partners.

We will continue to invest aggressively in this core capability as well as other innovations in our matching infrastructure that will allow marketers to engage more users on more channels.

What’s Next?

Match rates are a fundamental underpinning of increased connectivity, enabling recognition and personalization across an increasing number of marketing channels.

To learn more about how to achieve your highest match rate and improve your marketing connectivity, contact LiveRamp today.