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Smart Goals Make Smart Marketing Campaigns

  • - Shringar Pangal
  • 2 min read

Setting the right goal is critical to defining where you want to be with your marketing campaigns. In campaign measurement, key performance indicators (KPI), developed specifically by you and derived from your business or marketing goals, denote the performance of your campaigns and are effective in uncovering actionable and meaningful insights for your campaign. 

These goals may be specific to one use case or may be multifold. An e-commerce store may want to know how their investment in TV campaigns drives not only their website visits, but also their app downloads. Alternatively, a quick-serve restaurant may want to run two separate marketing campaigns simultaneously with two different goals: one to encourage app downloads for online orders, and another to drive in-restaurant dining.

Your business goals are unique, so it’s important that KPIs are tailored with those goals in mind. Have an idea of not only how to reach those goals, but how to measure against performance. Also, be sure to set goals that measure across the life of your campaign. Having goals that correspond to various stages of your marketing campaign will help set performance milestones along the way. 

The Data Plus Math measurement platform was designed with custom goal-setting in mind. The platform was built with the objective of measuring success against these custom KPIs and delivering timely insights to help you track success and make decisions to improve campaign performance where it matters. Our platform provides various levels of flexibility and control over the KPIs to give you the best chance at running a successful marketing campaign.

With the Data Plus Math measurement platform, marketers can:

  • Define their own KPIs. Establish your goals within the platform from a wide variety of metrics, including website visits, foot traffic, app downloads, offline purchases and more. 
  • Have multiple KPIs. The ever-evolving marketer likely requires more than one KPI to successfully achieve their business goals. LiveRamp TV’s Data Plus Math measures your campaign performance against multiple goals to provide a look at the overall campaign health.  
  • Set a primary goal. The order of the goals is extremely important to optimize ongoing campaigns. While multiple goals help you understand the overall performance, the primary goal lets you drill down into the attribution and understand which tactic is driving outcomes. 
  • Have different goals across campaigns. Marketing campaigns are designed around different customer acquisition channels. For example, an apparel company could be looking to acquire customers via their website or to drive foot traffic to their retail location. The goals of the two campaigns would be very different. However, you can set up each campaign with the goal and measure the success.

Learn more about Data Plus Math to see how next-generation TV advertising metrics can help you measure your goals throughout various stages of your TV campaign. LiveRamp’s team of analysts can also share best practices to help you with developing meaningful KPIs, or help you create a custom measurement dashboard. Reach out to [email protected] to find out more.