LiveRamp Powers Direct Mail and Email Retargeting Capability

Marketing Innovation

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LiveRamp Powers Direct Mail and Email Retargeting Capability

Marketing Innovation

In today’s marketing ecosystem, marketers lack a touchpoint that allows them to reengage their potential customers in a direct, timely, and personalized way when those users don’t identify themselves.

Take for example the age-old problem of online shopping: cart abandonment.

So many customers come to a site without logging in, shop around, even place a few choice items in their cart, and then just leave.

Marketers have a lot of information about what that customer wants to buy, but rely completely on cookie-based retargeting that follows the consumer from site to site.

But a direct message always feels more personal and intentional, and can redirect the cart-abandoner back to the site to complete their purchase.

With email or direct mail retargeting, marketers can send personalized and timely communication to that consumer via email or direct mail, using the same data that informs their cookie-based digital ads.

That’s why LiveRamp is excited to announce our new direct mail and email retargeting capabilities.

Unlock New Retargeting Use Cases

Prospect Retargeting: When customers visit your site, but don’t log in, you’re limited to retargeting them through anonymous cookies. Now you can identify those users and include them in your direct mail and email campaigns.
Personalization: After your customer visits your site, mail them a coupon based on what they looked at. Turn their interest into a sale.
Omnichannel Targeting: Create cohesive, coordinated targeting campaigns to improve your customer experience and improve sales. Send different creatives to loyalty and new site visitors based on their behavior on your site—and know they’re getting the right offer.

How it Works
Direct mail and email retargeting allows marketers to match unknown site traffic back to PII in a privacy-compliant manner.


1. Place a pixel on your website and provide notice and choice to all site visitors

2. We’ll collect site-visit data in our privacy-safe and secure systems

3. You provide us with a list of emails or names and addresses permissible for marketing

4. We match the unknown site-visit data to these identifiers, letting you market directly to previously unidentified browsers

Marketers can also take advantage of this for omnichannel campaigns via direct mail or email, or to enable more personalized in-store loyalty programs.

So how do you get started?

Contact us today to learn more, or talk to your LiveRamp account representative.