LiveRamp Partnership with Rocket Fuel

Marketing Innovation

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LiveRamp Partnership with Rocket Fuel

Marketing Innovation

This was originally written and published by Rocket Fuel.

In today’s connected world, marketers face the challenge of reaching consumers through myriad devices and across countless consumer channels like social media, email, web browsing and video streaming. In addition to all of this, businesses are expected to provide smarter, seamless marketing experiences, regardless of device or channel.

Here at Rocket Fuel, a new partnership with LiveRamp means we can continue to embrace this challenge, and by putting LiveRamp’s IdentityLink technology to work within Rocket Fuel’s predictive marketing platform, marketers can create more personalized, people-based marketing.

We sat down with Jeff Smith, Chief Marketing Officer of LiveRamp, to ask him a few questions about what IdentityLink means for advertisers and the future of people-based marketing.

How does this partnership enable people-based marketing?

LiveRamp allows brands to extend their people based marketing initiatives beyond Google and Facebook, providing an identity resolution service that works inside platforms for targeting, personalization and measurement across any channel. This allows marketers to integrate best of breed solutions in building their marketing clouds such as Rocket Fuel’s predictive marketing platform, to deliver people-based marketing.

Why did you select Rocket Fuel as one of your DSP partners?

We’ve been familiar with Rocket Fuel since the early days of the company and I’ve always been impressed with the extent that Rocket Fuel employs cutting-edge technology to bring value to their clients, so this partnership is a natural collaboration for us.

Why is it important to bring offline data into an online advertising world?

Consumers don’t think in terms of channels. They think in terms of watching TV at the same time as looking at their phone, or about the overall interactions they are having with brands. Marketers have historically been forced to think in terms of specific channels, however, due to the technical limitations of moving consumer data between those channels, making it difficult to provide smart, seamless experiences for consumers.

How does this help marketers extend beyond the cookie?

If you think about cookies – they are an approximation of a person in the digital world. Based on behavior we observe that is attached to a cookie, we make educated guesses about what that person is interested in or who they might be. The difference with deterministic, people-based marketing is that we are able to say specifically who that person is with much more clarity, and then apply information we know about them to deliver more relevant messages. We are moving from a world where you kind of know the person, to a world where you actually know the person.

How does consumer data stay private?

Being consumer friendly and privacy compliant are equally important when moving offline and digital data around. LiveRamp engineers privacy considerations into our solutions, including IdentityLink, so our partners can rely on the solution to operate within privacy guardrails. And ultimately, our approach to people-based marketing benefits the consumers by delivering better marketing experiences, while respecting privacy and ensuring the ethical use of data.

By working together, how will this partnership enable Rocket Fuel to have greater reach and faster speed to market?

Using identity resolution, Rocket Fuel customers can resolve second party and third party data with their own data to increase people-based reach. In addition, with this technology, the marketer can change its messaging within a given channel within an hour. This provides a great deal of value, especially as we head into the holiday season, when marketers are constantly updating promotions based on demand, inventory, budgets and revenue. Marketers need to be able to quickly shift promotional strategy, and now Rocket Fuel will be able to fully support that need.

IdentityLink for Brands was just announced. What has been the feedback to that release?

The overall response has been very positive. These days, most marketers want to do the same things they can do on Facebook and Google across the rest of the digital ecosystem and IdentityLink gives them that capability. In addition, most marketers want to leverage “best-of-breed” solutions in their marketing stacks versus a one-size-fits-all provider, in order to take advantage of cutting edge technologies and avoid lock-in with any one vendor. For both these reasons, we are seeing a tremendous amount of traction for IdentityLink in the marketplace.