LiveRamp Partner Spotlight: Marketing Evolution

Marketing Innovation

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LiveRamp Partner Spotlight: Marketing Evolution

Marketing Innovation

With the introduction of Customer Link we have created new opportunities for brands to work with their preferred DMP’s, DSP’s and Measurement Partners. Today, we’re excited to dive into our partnership with Marketing Evolution. In this partner spotlight interview, we speak to Marketing Evolution’s Darcy Jewett, Head of Digital Solutions to learn more about technology solutions they’re offering and how a partnership with LiveRamp is solving problems most marketers are facing today.

About Marketing Evolution

Marketing Evolution helps marketers and their partners increase marketing ROI through cross media optimization software platforms. We optimize creative and media for our clients while the campaign is running, letting them do mid campaign adjustments and then report on their ultimate ROI after the campaign is over.

What can clients expect from your measurement offering?

We help our clients increase their marketing ROI by more than 26.5% on average in our most recent engagements. And it’s a managed service, so a team of committed ROI coaches and a support team help clients along the way to deliver those high ROI results.

How do you help marketers measure engagement with their customers across all marketing channels and devices?

We use a patented cross media attribution modeling approach that has been broadly and independently validated. We think it is better than digital-only attribution, because it finds synergies between TV, search, display, direct mail, etc. to give a full circle view of the path to purchase. We also think it’s better than a region based mixed modeling approach because it is customer centric, and that type of analysis allows you to have much more data to read on specific media replacements and specific messages.

What are some best practices for measurement that you’ve seen in your experience?

There are three best practices that we consistently find help us deliver better ROI for our clients:

  1. Set and align goals for the campaign across teams; so breaking down the silos between marketing, media, and finance before the campaign starts.
  2. Keep some of your budget flexible, around 20 percent for example, so that if we see an opportunity to generate larger impact from a media vehicle we can increase your media investment in the most effective channel.
  3. Create what if scenarios and identify team members accountable for executing when those what if scenarios occur.

What benefits do clients get from using Customer Link data with Marketing Evolution’s measurement products?

By integrating Customer Link into Marketing Evolution’s offering marketers can easily create an incredibly robust data set for analysis that pairs things like sales data, digital and traditional media exposure data, programmatic segmentation data, demographics and attitudinal brand perception data in one place, so that all of those touchpoints can be used at the consumer-level. Through the partnership, marketers can track the path to purchase based on media exposure amongst their mostly likely prospects and customers better than we’ve seen done before.

How does the partnership with LiveRamp expand Marketing Evolution’s solution?

Without LiveRamp Customer Link, connecting data sets is extremely cumbersome. Pairing survey and signal data with sales data, for example, involves a customized data sharing agreement through data safe havens and lots of red tape. Through our partnership we’re able to easily link ad exposure log file data to sales data at the consumer-level in a privacy-safe way, which adds a lot of depth to Marketing Evolution’s digital capabilities.

How can marketers implement consistent measurement into their planning process to ensure their optimization strategy is driving the highest ROI?

The most successful clients have a good cadence of planning, executing, testing, and revising their plan along the way. Preparing for that and getting the team on board across silos to make those midterm adjustments all align with the goals across teams is really important. We tend to spend a lot of time planning before we sprint. First, we align on the cadence. We also align on who is accountable for what.