LiveRamp Partner Spotlight: DialogTech

Marketing Innovation

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LiveRamp Partner Spotlight: DialogTech

Marketing Innovation

To make every marketing application more valuable, LiveRamp has a growing list of partners providing greater access to more customer data. We are pleased to have recently formed a partnership with DialogTech, the leader in call analytics and automation technology. In this partner spotlight interview, we speak to DialogTech’s Steve Griffiths, SVP Marketing Strategy and Analytics and Josh Mallamud, SVP Strategic Partnerships and Corporate Development to learn more about technology solutions they’re offering and how a partnership with LiveRamp is solving the problems most marketers are facing today.

Please provide a brief overview of DialogTech.

As consumers spend more and more time on mobile devices, marketing dollars are finally starting to follow the eyeballs. It’s estimated that mobile digital ad spend will increase 50 percent this year — driven by increased investment in mobile search, display, and social. By 2019, over 70 percent of digital ad spending will target mobile.

The classic web form conversion path that was the lifeblood of desktop-based campaigns has changed. As consumers convert from marketing campaigns on mobile devices, they are opting to simply press a click-to-call link to make a phone call directly to a business versus filling a registration form, working through a checkout process, or digging through a mobile website. It is the path of least of resistance, which — all else equal — we humans will always take. By not tracking and optimizing for this dynamic, marketers are blindly subjecting themselves to a series of problems: incomplete conversion data, misattribution, and inaccurate ROI figures, to name a few. Our platform helps them address these challenges.

How does call analytics and automation work?

Three different ways. First is attribution. We assign unique, trackable phone numbers that can be inserted into campaigns. When calls are generated, those leads can be attributed back to the marketing source that generated them, along with a variety of data points surrounding the interaction. This gives a marketer full understanding of how they generate inbound phone leads and the impact of their marketing programs. Second is personalization – we assemble rich information on every caller – campaign information, pages visited before and after calling, first-party data from a CRM, third-party data from external sources – and we use that information to determine the best person in the organization to take the call and turn it into revenue. Third is disposition; what happened on the call? Did it result in an appointment? A sale? Nothing? We help marketers understand the intent and outcome of every call so they can optimize future interactions based on that information.

Which clients are most excited about working with you?

We work with customers in every industry and have over 35 different sectors in our customer base. Some of the larger segments include automotive, insurance and financial services, home services, heath care, and technology. The common denominator for many is considered purchases: things that are complex, expensive, and infrequent. Things you don’t buy every day. Items where the discovery and research process starts online, but ultimately involves a conversation between the buyer and the seller before a customer is willing to commit to a purchase. That said, the proliferation of mobile has really made companies in every industry aware of the importance of phone calls.

What benefits do they see from partnering with DialogTech?

It really goes back to the three elements we discussed before: knowing which of their marketing programs make the phone ring, getting those calls to the best person in their organization to provide a great experience to the caller and close the sale, and understanding what happened on the call so they can continue to refine programs and grow their business.

How is your data unique in the advertising space?

We specialize in voice. We talk a lot about voice, dialog, and conversions instead of “phone calls,” because the definition of the phone has and undoubtedly will continue to change. Ten years ago it was a clunky thing that sat on your desk. Then it was cell phones. Then smartphones. Now it’s new technologies like browser-to-browser communication, but the unchanging element is that people still want to talk to one another.

We believe the act of talking to someone is basic human nature. It’s what sets us apart as a species. There are so many intangibles and benefits to a conversation between two people: tone of voice, the ability to add context, the ability to respond back and forth in real time. While there are clearly generational preferences, this is a fundamental truth we do not see ever going away. We are unique in that we give advertisers data and solutions to control this element of the purchase cycle.

How does the partnership with LiveRamp expand Dialogtech’s solution?

LiveRamp connects our platform to a myriad of data sources. Call data is unique and has tremendous value for marketers, but it can be difficult to accurately combine our call data with the data they’re collecting and using on other platforms. LiveRamp bridges that gap.

Can you give me an example? Any particular use cases you’re excited about?

Yes! To build on our attribution capabilities, LiveRamp can link our call data to online impressions and in-store purchases, giving our mutual clients a truly closed-loop solution. For advertising, LiveRamp can move anonymized call data into our clients’ preferred retargeting platforms so they can serve ads to low-funnel, high-value customers and prospects. We’re very excited about the possibilities here.