LiveRamp Partner Spotlight: comScore

Marketing Innovation

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LiveRamp Partner Spotlight: comScore

Marketing Innovation

Customer Link has extended LiveRamp’s suite of open connectivity services and is creating new opportunities for brands to work with their preferred marketing applications. Today, we are diving into our partnership with comScore, a longtime partner of LiveRamp’s for data onboarding and a new partner for Customer Link. In this partner spotlight interview we’re speaking with comScore’s Anthony Psacharopoulos, EVP Enterprise Sales, to learn more about comScore, measurement best practices and how the the partnership with Customer Link enhances their solutions.

How do you help marketers measure engagement with their customers across all marketing channels and devices?

comScore’s multi-touch attribution methodology enables us to report the impact of ads seen by the consumer across platforms, devices, and by creatives, and gives each exposure the credit it deserves in driving that action.

It’s these insights – focused on determining whether advertising efforts motivated a consumer to action – that provide valuable feedback for calculating ROI, as well as providing a deeper understanding into how clients’ digital investments are driving revenue.

What are some best practices for measurement?

Whether or not – and to what extent – a campaign should be considered successful is best evaluated through effectiveness measurement. This is driven by understanding what the campaign is meant to achieve, such as a specific action, research event, or purchase.

Additionally, lift measurements should be based upon viewable impressions with all invalid traffic [IVT] removed. Failure to remove IVT and non-viewable impressions will result in less accurate lift results.  When ads that were never shown to consumers or which came from online bots are part of the analysis, the true impact of the advertising is diluted and optimization can direct spending to media locations with worse performance.

Lift attribution should also take into account the range of media channels used in the campaign.  For example, digital lift will be overstated if it fails to account for TV or other efforts that might have influenced the market.  This can be technically challenging in many cases, but comScore successfully incorporates cross-media campaign elements to account for this cross-platform activity.

What is one of the most challenging aspects that clients face when planning, executing, and measuring marketing or advertising campaigns?

The reality of digital ad measurement today is that it is often more complex than it needs to be. Issues such as fraud and viewability make simply accounting for “clean” impressions a challenge, and the use of varying single-point solutions to measure each dimension can make data reconciliation difficult and breed inaccuracies.

On the plus side, digital ad measurement has made huge strides in the past few years. Holistic, integrated solutions enable alignment of ad performance and ad effectiveness measurement. The upside potential is tremendous and measurement tools are available to realize huge gains.

Do some types of data outperform other types of data in producing results?

You need to use the correct data to measure the right metrics.  For example, if you are running a CPG campaign, you’d want to leverage a data source that accounts for the broadest purchase reach.

What benefits do clients get from using Customer Link data with your product?

By using LiveRamp Customer Link to connect campaign exposure data from digital and traditional channels to online and offline sales, comScore can perform highly accurate closed-loop measurement and cross-channel attribution analysis for clients through the comScore AdEffx Sales Lift offerings.

comScore’s multi-touch attribution methodology enables us to report the impact of ALL ads seen by the consumer and give each exposure the credit it deserves in driving that action.

Our reports provide reliable data from which you can confidently plan future campaigns, because they aim to look at the specific behaviors exhibited by your test and control groups before, during, and after your campaign.

This powerful methodology provides focused insights regarding which campaign elements were most effective in driving lift.

How does the partnership with LiveRamp expand comScore’s measurement solution?

LivaRamp Data Onboarding activates offline data across online channels, and Customer Link connects campaign exposure data, sales data, and 3rd party data across channels in a privacy-safe way for insights.

With 15 years of experience in measuring how, when, and where consumers are engaging with content and campaigns, comScore has unmatched expertise in providing a multi-dimensional view into the impact of client ad campaigns and connecting digital ad spend to offline sales in a manner that is accurate, attributable, and actionable.

We’re looking forward to working with LiveRamp to deliver this combined solution that will allow clients to leverage a flexible data onboarding solution powered by a proven multi-touch attribution methodology to surface insights that drive informed business decisions.