LiveRamp Partner Spotlight: Analytic Partners

Marketing Innovation

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LiveRamp Partner Spotlight: Analytic Partners

Marketing Innovation

With the launch of Customer Link, a new LiveRamp Connect Service, we are excited to introduce you to some of our newest partners. Today, we’re talking with Analytic Partner’s Maggie Merklin, SVP to learn more about technology solutions Analytic Partners offers and how the partnership with LiveRamp enhances these solutions.

About Analytic Partners

Analytic Partners is a leading marketing analytics consultancy. For more than 15 years, we have been building relationships with many of the world’s most recognized brands and companies by successfully measuring marketing effectiveness and driving revenue opportunities for our clients. Clients can expect both a comprehensive assessment of business performance that incorporates all business drivers such as seasonality, competitive activity and marketing as well as recommendations on how to tactically improve performance of each marketing channel. Digital and cross-media attribution, marketing mix modeling, sales forecasting and marketing budget optimization are our core competencies.

How do you help marketers measure engagement with their customers across all marketing channels and devices?

We help our clients better understand the customer journey, identifying optimal tactics and messaging based on the various stages of the customer decision process. Our analyses are focused on measuring all customer touchpoints, so all exposures regardless of the marketing channel or device are captured. Through our partnership with LiveRamp, we can connect all of these data points together in a privacy-safe way at the consumer level.

What are some best practices for measurement?

Some best practices for measurement include:  data validation, inclusion and integration of best in class data inputs, holistic marketing and media channel analysis, flexible analytic framework, alignment of key metrics and KPIs, and tracking and monitoring on an ongoing basis.

What is one of the most challenging aspects client’s face when planning, executing, and measuring marketing or advertising campaigns?  

Based on a study we commissioned with Forrester earlier this year, the most challenging planning aspect clients face is implementing changes across organizational silos. It often takes time to explain changes and gain adoption of new methods within an organization. The tactical challenge clients most often noted in this study was connecting disparate data sources. The inconsistency of data across channels is a barrier as clients are unsure how to clean, connect, and validate data sources. Given the complexity of disparate data, many clients resort to less sophisticated and less accurate measurement approaches than cross-media attribution to determine marketing and media success.

How can marketers implement consistent measurement into their planning process to ensure they’re optimizing strategies towards driving the highest ROI?

In our experience, the first thing marketers need to do is create a multi-functional team of stakeholders (across media, ecommerce, finance, CRM, etc.) that have the common goal of driving business growth and improved ROI. The other key areas of focus should be streamlining the data integration process and ensuring measurement is done on an ongoing basis.  The timing of delivery of measurement results should correspond to major client planning periods (e.g. at the start of each quarter).

How does the partnership with LiveRamp expand Analytic Partner’s solution?  

Our partnership utilizes LiveRamp’s ability to match disparate pieces of online and offline data at the consumer level.  This drives Analytic Partner’s closed-loop analyses capabilities by utilizing the connected data to have a holistic view of the consumer’s path to purchase.

Can you give me an example? Any particular use cases you’re excited about?

We are excited about the ability to measure the influence of digital marketing on offline sales at the consumer level in a privacy-safe way and to be able to segment users based on their purchase behavior. We believe this will provide our clients with improved targeting capabilities and ultimately higher ROI.

Tell me about your early adopters of the partnership – what is a common theme?  

Early adopters see the benefits of a more holistic approach to measurement – both from a marketing and media channel perspective as well as from incorporating both online and offline transactions.