LiveRamp and LiveIntent: Bring Together Email and Display to Fuel Omnichannel Marketing

February 7, 2017  |   Dan Buckstaff

In our goal to provide identity-based capabilities to the marketing ecosystem, we’re excited to announce new omnichannel marketing functionality from our partnership with LiveIntent.

Using IdentityLink, LiveRamp’s identity resolution service, marketers can now run their people-based campaigns not only through LiveIntent’s email channel, but also extend them to LiveIntent’s incremental, high-value publisher display inventory.

Omnichannel, People-Based Marketing

The ability to coordinate people-based advertising across email and display offers marketers a powerful omnichannel marketing tool to not only enhance targeting, but also simplify their ability to understand the impact of their campaigns.

Because customer data flows in and out of the LiveIntent platform through IdentityLink, marketers gain the ability to close the measurement loop on their known users in a privacy compliant manner.

Target high-lifetime-value customers with a loyalty offer or suppress current customers from receiving an offer meant for new customer acquisition. Then, link email and display exposure data back to offline conversion information to measure the impact specific copy or campaigns have on real customers.

Not only will marketers be able to coordinate omnichannel engagement with customers, but they’ll also be able to analyze the success of those ads in driving real sales.

How do I get started?

To learn more about LiveRamp and LiveIntent’s new offering take a look at the press release, reach out to your LiveRamp account representative, or contact us to get started.