LiveRamp Launches Partner Certification Program

Marketing Innovation

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LiveRamp Launches Partner Certification Program

Marketing Innovation

At LiveRamp, we work with more than 300 online marketing platforms, allowing you unprecedented data connectivity. As with the rest of the ecosystem, more options can mean more complexity in choosing the right one.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of our new Partner Certification Program.

To see which partners excel at providing seamless data connectivity experiences, check the partner’s certifications in the four pillars of data connectivity: speed, data portability, recognition, and clarity of use case.

What are these certifications? We’re glad you asked!

Partner_Badges__speedCertification: Speed
Connectivity Pillar: Speed of Data Activation
You want your data quickly. The ability for partners to launch your campaigns or give you access to actionable marketing information quickly has become a significant differentiator within the marketing technology ecosystem. The Speed certification highlights partners who can process and activate data rapidly.


Partner_Badges__connectorCertification: Connector
Connectivity Pillar: Data Portability
The more data you produce, the more you need to break down data silos and utilize insights across marketing functions. As silos fall away, you can explore new use cases and get results quickly. The Connector certification highlights partners who can serve as a destination as well as a source of data.


Certification: People-Based Marketing
Connectivity Pillar: Recognition
People-based marketing involves targeting and measurement at the individual level. It allows you to think about the entire customer journey and requires advanced, accurate recognition technology to know when anonymized offline and online data from different channels relates to the same consumer. The People-Based Marketing certification highlights partners who enable individual level recognition and targeting.


Partner_Badges__marketCertification: Go-To-Market
Connectivity Pillar: Clarity Of Use Case
The marketing tech ecosystem is growing faster than Chief Martech’s design team can make their annual infographic. It is critical for marketers to have a clear understanding of a partner’s offering. The Go-To-Market certification highlights partners who provide well-documented use cases and marketing collateral that highlights how they work with LiveRamp.


To find these certifications, head on over to the LiveRamp partner page.

These certifications are visible on each partner’s page, making them easy to identify. When a partner earns multiple certifications, they are awarded a partner certification level.

Certification levels (Silver, Gold, and Platinum) highlight partners who have demonstrated their commitment to connectivity.

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We are proud to work with best-in-industry partners, many of whom have already completed these certifications, to provide marketers with seamless data connectivity experiences.

Partners who have achieved numerous certifications include:

To learn more about the partner certification program please visit

If you are a partner interested in the certification, please reach out to your LiveRamp Business Development Manager or contact