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LiveRamp Introduces First-to-Market Healthcare NPI Resolution for Pharmaceutical Marketers

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The onset of the pandemic drastically accelerated healthcare’s migration to an online ecosystem—arguably more so than any other industry. As more patients traded in doctor’s office visits for telehealth appointments, the partners of healthcare providers could no longer rely on in-person interactions to educate and advocate for new treatments and medications. Pharmaceutical companies have had to rethink their approach to engaging provider partners in a way that is more effective, measurable and cross-channel, requiring tools that can achieve all of their traditional KPIs and more.

Recognizing this challenge, LiveRamp has launched its newest healthcare product. This first-to-market ability can translate national provider identifiers (NPIs) to RampID, our interoperable, industry-leading identifier that connects to the LiveRamp ecosystem for activation and analytics. NPI is a unique identification number mandatory for all covered healthcare providers.

By giving pharmaceutical brands a way to engage providers across channels, their marketing teams can now unify data, build audiences, reach targets across social, search, programmatic and CTV channels, and understand the business impact of their activities.

Pharma and providers connect across channels for the first time

With a safe and secure pathway to translate NPIs to RampIDs and other identifiers, pharma clients can achieve crucial business outcomes led by marketing. Industry-wide, this marks the first time an NPI’s value can be resolved to another identifier through the RampID. With a turnkey identity solution, pharma companies can now more impactfully complement their in-person representative strategy with:

  • Personalized marketing to providers made possible by LiveRamp’s privacy-conscious identity framework
  • Unification of fragmented online and offline data sets, a necessary step to strategize customer engagement plans, more accurately measure ROI, and improve marketing efficiency
  • Newfound access to partner-owned data to inform market research throughout the product life-cycle 

“The ability to educate and engage with providers across more channels has become critical in today’s digitally led healthcare industry,” said Stephen Frost, LiveRamp’s Director of Product Management, Data Tools, and Healthcare. “We seek to serve as the trusted partner supporting our pharma clients’ digital transformation strategies. With the ability to now include NPI in their marketing activities, pharma brands can more efficiently use their marketing resources, strengthen their provider partnerships, and ultimately, improve the patient experience.”

With LiveRamp, healthcare companies can make better, data-driven decisions

In addition to improving marketing outcomes for pharma clients, the integration of NPI data with RampID gives providers the ability to access LiveRamp’s broader collaboration, activation, measurement and analytics capabilities — including access to our network of more than 600 partners — to power a best-in-class digital marketing strategy. 

Frost added, “We are excited to have introduced enablement between pharma and providers with the launch of our new NPI solution. As we expand our support for the healthcare industry, we will remain dedicated to protecting individuals’ data and continuing to apply privacy-by-design as we create solutions that can be durable and compliant with future regulations.” 

Interested pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers can reach out to [email protected].

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