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LiveRamp for Developers 2021: Summer Session Is Now Closed

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One of our core values is, “we empower people.” Our newly launched Developer Portal aims to do exactly that, giving organizations the tools to innovate, optimize, and enhance their solutions, ultimately delivering greater value to their customers and drawing in new audiences. 

To familiarize our audience with the Developer Portal, we recently completed the inaugural summer session of a six-week webinar series. LiveRamp for Developers discussed the inner workings of LiveRamp’s technology and some of our most popular APIs. What first began as one session during our annual RampUp conference has now become a full-fledged series aimed at empowering people to continually innovate. 

If you missed any of our webinars, don’t worry. You can watch them all on-demand, and you’ll find recaps for all of the sessions on the LiveRamp Developer Blog. Here’s a snapshot of each session:

Introduction sessions:

Developer Portal & API Introductions

Get an overview on LiveRamp’s Developer Portal and the APIs now available with our Senior Technology Marketing Manager, Randall Grilli. Learn more about upcoming API releases.

Building Effective Data Collaborations

Join LiveRamp’s David Gilmore, Head of Privacy Tech Solutions; Nick Elledge, Head of Operations for Privacy Technology; and Isaac Hales, Senior Product Manager, Privacy Tech Solutions; as they give an overview of LiveRamp’s integrated road map to providing flexible options for privacy and distributed data collaboration.

API-focused sessions:

AbiliTec API

Join Kevin Wei, Identity Product Manager, and Adam Isom, Engineering Manager for Identity Resolution Services, as they discuss how you can use LiveRamp’s secure REST AbiliTec API to connect and update customer offline data by resolving directly identifiable personal data across enterprise databases.

Retrieval API

Kevin Wei, Identity Product Manager, and Adam Isom, Engineering Manager for Identity Resolution Services, discuss how you can use our secure retrieval API to translate resolved data between different ID spaces while maintaining privacy and permissioning standards.

Activation API

Learn from Mihir Parikh, Senior Product Manager of Activation, and Mike Gillett, Tech Lead for B2C Activations, on how to programmatically access LiveRamp’s onboarding solutions.

Data Marketplace—Buyer API

Join Peter Dang, Director of Business Development for Data Marketplace; Jenny Golden, Technical Program Manager for Data Networks; and Lake Mossman, Software Engineer for Data Networks; as they discuss how you can host LiveRamp’s Data Marketplace and other third-party segments seamlessly on your own platform.

Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) API

Hear from Ian Meyers, Head of Addressability Product, on how you can safely transform sensitive directly identifiable personal data touch points into encrypted, pseudonymous identity envelopes for monetization.

Be sure to bookmark the Developer Portal as new APIs are being added regularly. If you have any questions, please reach out to your commercial lead or email us at [email protected].