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LiveRamp Extends Data Connectivity Platform to B2B Marketers

  • - Pieter De Temmerman
  • 2 min read

For years, B2B marketers have lacked a central hub they can rely on for all their data-driven B2B marketing needs. Now, with LiveRamp B2B, B2B marketers finally have a global suite of privacy-first B2B solutions for targeting, measurement, analytics, and personalization. 

With LiveRamp B2B, you can now:

  • Onboard and activate your first-party B2B data 
  • Extend your first-party reach and impact with CRM expansion audiences
  • Access premium B2B audiences globally from the top third-party data sellers in the LiveRamp Data Marketplace
  • Request custom audiences created to your specific parameters for targeting, measurement, and personalization
  • Measure and understand the impact of your campaigns with account-based measurement and analytics

As B2B marketers ourselves, we understand the need to have accurate identity at the professional and company level to truly inform the customer journey. This is why LiveRamp B2B is built upon LiveRamp’s universal identity graph, incorporating ethically sourced data both at the company- and people-based level. Our B2B graph enables you to onboard your own first-party data, from sources like your CRM, email marketing system, or conference and webinar registrations.

Our pseudonymous identifier also powers LiveRamp’s Data Marketplace, a global marketplace for high quality, ethically sourced data that reaches business and professional audiences at scale, in over 150 markets. When your needs go beyond syndicated segments, our knowledgeable team of data experts can source custom audiences, including account-based marketing (ABM) audiences, tailor-made to fit your needs from top data sellers.

Because measurement and analytics are crucial to marketing planning and optimization, LiveRamp B2B also enables B2B measurement and analytics. Now, you can take campaign metrics and website events and aggregate them at the account level to understand which companies saw your ads, visited your website, and took action. Gain even deeper insights into your audiences by using B2B segments to power your analytics to optimize campaigns, plan future initiatives, and personalize content and experiences in a privacy-conscious manner.

Getting started with LiveRamp B2B

For a consultation on your B2B data strategy or to learn more, get in touch with your LiveRamp representative, or email us now at [email protected].

Read the press release for more about what LiveRamp B2B means for marketers.