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LiveRamp Announces IdentityLink for Marketing Technology Providers

November 1, 2016  |   LiveRamp

Last month, we launched IdentityLink for brands, dedicated to customer-centric marketers looking to build an omnichannel view of the consumer and activate it across their choice of best-of-breed digital marketing platforms.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of IdentityLink—LiveRamp’s identity resolution service—for marketing technology platforms.

With IdentityLink, the previously siloed marketing technologies within a marketer’s tech stack will fit together and offer a unified experience like never before.

The Benefits of IdentityLink for Platforms

With IdentityLink, platforms can harness LiveRamp’s Identity Graph to associate cookies, mobile IDs, household IDs, and offline identifier linkages to their specific platform ID.

Now you can:

  • Deliver more value by deterministically targeting a marketer’s segments
  • Enable customer-centric strategies like reaching consumers who are in-market for short time periods
  • Help marketers reduce waste by rapidly halting retargeting post-sale
  • Deliver relevant ads based on daily news events
  • Tie exposure data to offline transactions to demonstrate ROAS lift and more

Now it’s possible to offer individual-level recognition and power people-based marketing across the digital marketing ecosystem.

Want to dig even deeper into the new capabilities of IdentityLink? Get the details here.

IdentityLink for Platforms Features:

  • IdentityLink’s brand and platform customers can transfer data between each other with ease. Our core onboarding capability is built right into IdentityLink.
  • IdentityLink customers never have to worry that their data isn’t privacy compliant, as all data flows through our SafeHaven certified environment. We have technical, operational, and personnel controls designed to ensure secure and ethical data use.
  • Platforms integrated with IdentityLink will be able to take advantage of our new Fast Lane feature, enabling them to take advantage of increased onboarding speeds of up to one hour. This will allow platforms to offer near real-time targeting use cases for brands such as rapid-response political and holiday retail campaigns, and more.

Who is Already Using IdentityLink?

When brands can activate their omnichannel view anywhere and everywhere across the digital ecosystem, platforms can capture people-based marketing budgets.

Our current IdentityLink platform partners are already seeing the value: partners-1

And we’re just getting started.

While our capabilities still allow onboarding to all of our 400+ digital marketing platform partners, our IdentityLink customers are at the forefront of the identity resolution revolution.

Want to learn more?

Take a look at our page for platforms.