LiveRamp and [X+1] Case Study of Data Onboarding

Marketing Innovation

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LiveRamp and [X+1] Case Study of Data Onboarding

Marketing Innovation

[X+1] and LiveRamp released a case study about the benefits of using data onboarding for companies in the financial services industry. Below is the case study, focused on reactivating lapsed customers using LiveRamp’s data onboarding product and [X+1]’s Origin DSP and DMP.


Sitting on a wealth of untapped CRM data, a leading provider of auto, home, life, and retirement insurance and services, wanted a way to activate their data to expand their active customer base by re-engaging past customers.

Choosing to focus on lapsed customers, the insurer wanted to encourage them to request another automotive insurance quote, or locate their nearest agent.


Already integrated with [x+1] Origin DMP and DSP to engage in-market audiences at a very large scale, the advertiser sought to activate the potential locked in its CRM data to focus its online targeting as well as reignite a part of its customer base that had gone dark.
A [x+1] and LiveRamp partnership facilitated the onboarding of the valuable CRM data into the DMP. Using various executional strategies, the advertiser was then able to tap into the CRM data to build precise audience models.

In addition, the advertiser suppressed current customers and prospects to ensure the most effective targeting in its media buying. Origin also informed every impression – powering real time creative decisions executed within the placements that were based on both offer eligibility and creative rotation requirements.


The power of creative decisioning, coupled with onboarded CRM data, Origin increased the campaign’s overall efficiency with improved audience targeting and decreased wasted impressions. Together, this tactic was able to deliver the most relevant creative to the right customer.

LiveRamp was able to match over 50% of the CRM data into Origin, outpacing the industry standard of 20-30%. Origin then delivered over 9 million targeted impressions and moved the needle throughout the campaign, driving over 4,500 lapsed customers to request a quote or locate their nearest agent.

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