LiveRamp and Acxiom – Even Better Together

Marketing Innovation

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LiveRamp and Acxiom – Even Better Together

Marketing Innovation

It’s been two weeks since we announced that Acxiom has signed an agreement to acquire LiveRamp. Since that time, we have had hundreds of phone conversations and in person meetings with our partners and customers. I’m pleased to report that the overall reaction has been extremely positive, as you can see from the quotes below:

From Monetate:

“Acxiom and LiveRamp represent a powerful combination for today’s marketers looking to create more personalized experiences for their online customers. Combining Acxiom’s rich data with LiveRamp’s onboarding tools helps Monetate provide an even deeper understanding of each customer in the moment, and take the right marketing action on every touchpoint, including web, mobile, and email.”
– David Brussin, founder and CEO, Monetate

From MediaMath

“The effectiveness of advertising through our Marketing Operating System, TerminalOne, is accelerated through real-time access to audience segments and seamless activation of data. Through Acxiom’s acquisition of LiveRamp, clients will have an even more powerful solution to connect their data sources and efficiently manage their audiences in a vibrant, fast-moving marketplace.”
– Joe Zawadzki, CEO, MediaMath

From Optimizely

“The announcement of Acxiom acquiring LiveRamp is exciting for the industry as a whole. The value of Optimizely lies in its ability to turn data into action. A key benefit of this acquisition is the ability to use data to better target and engage with audiences. We think it is imperative to be a part of a robust ecosystem with best of breed technologies that deliver real value.”
– Dan Siroker, CEO of Optimizely

From Marin Software

“The announcement of Acxiom acquiring LiveRamp is very exciting to us. Our customers are increasingly leveraging audience data to drive performance across search, social and display, enabling them to better reach their target audience. Having worked closely with both Acxiom and LiveRamp, we look forward to the enhanced capabilities the acquisition will bring.”
– Jason Young, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Marin Software

From The Trade Desk

“We are very excited to hear this announcement of Acxiom acquiring LiveRamp. The demand for advertising through our platform requires high-scalability of receiving audience segments that are immediately available for targeting. The benefit of already working with Acxiom just got better with LiveRamp’s complementary capabilities of onboarding.”
– Jeff Green, CEO and co-founder of The Trade Desk

From Targeted Victory

“We’re excited to hear about the Acxiom acquisition of LiveRamp. We’ve seen great value from LiveRamp’s data onboarding capabilities and look forward to the acquisition bringing even more resources for international expansion and additional partner integrations.”
– Michael Beach, Co-founder and Partner at Targeted Victory

My sincere thanks to everyone listed above for letting us share your thoughts publicly and to the hundreds more who sent supportive emails in the last two weeks.

The combination of the two companies is good for our customers, partners, and the overall marketing ecosystem. Acxiom is committed to maintaining LiveRamp as an open and neutral onboarding service that will help everyone in the industry benefit from better access to data.

Auren Hoffman