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LiveRamp Acquires Data Plus Math to Fuel Outcome-Based Investment for TV

  • - Allison Metcalfe
  • 2 min read

Driven by advanced TV trends and increasing consumer choice, TV continues to be the most engaging screen in the household. These trends are also making it difficult for programmers to fully value audiences and for enterprise marketers to tie investments in TV to important business outcomes. 

To help our customers innovate in this rapidly changing landscape, I’m excited to welcome Data Plus Math to the LiveRamp family. Data Plus Math joins us to revolutionize the options available to the TV ecosystem, enabling the flexibility to tie together TV and digital to any real-world outcome online or offline —including website visits, app downloads, store visits, and offline purchases. This also ensures the advertiser is able to accurately measure ad effectiveness. After years of wanting something different, the industry is eager to embrace innovative ways to prove ROI. 

I’m looking forward to teaming up with the Data Plus Math leadership, especially John Hoctor, who has already done a stellar job in working with leading networks to begin offering secondary guarantees based on the outcomes driven for the brand. The industry is already seeing the value of Data Plus Math in the TV ecosystem, and we’re excited about what we can further achieve. David Levy, CEO of OpenAP said of Data Plus Math’s capabilities, “A requirement for growing the market for audience-based buying is campaign measurement that goes beyond reach. We are encouraged by the work Data Plus Math has been doing to go beyond reach and map exposure to business outcomes. Further cementing a relationship with LiveRamp is an important step that creates more opportunities for marketers to better measure and action outcome data across the consumer journey.“

In addition, Data Plus Math’s industry approach aligns with LiveRamp’s commitment to neutrality in serving our partners and customers, a cornerstone principle in creating industry-wide solutions. With Data Plus Math, LiveRamp now offers a neutral, widely integrated standard for buying, selling, and measuring results that brands and agencies can trust.  

All of us at LiveRamp, and certainly our new Advanced TV team, are excited to foster innovation. Outcome-based guarantees for enterprise marketers and programmers will give TV advertising the solutions needed to upgrade to the era of advanced TV and outcome based buying. To learn more about how enterprise marketers can optimize reach and maximize the impact of their TV investments, read our brief overview. Also, see more on how TV programmers can prove the value of their media in driving business outcomes through advanced datasets and seamless integrations.