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LiveRamp Launches the HIPAA Compliance Program

  • - Yuchen Feng
  • 3 min read

Between emerging health care advancements, public health planning, and the rapid rise of remote health care, including telemedicine and other digital health platforms, the health care industry needs trusted partners that can manage individual data in accordance with the strictest regulations. In light of this trend, which accelerated with the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an increased focus on delivering critical services to patients and providers without compromising patient privacy. Organizations that want to activate and analyze health care data must first ensure their technology partners are compliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards for using protected health information (PHI). 

Today, we’re excited to announce our HIPAA Compliance Program, which represents collective efforts across LiveRamp to implement appropriate administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to secure PHI for HIPAA compliance across LiveRamp’s product lines. The program defines a framework and a set of criteria for our products to meet HIPAA compliance standards, while also setting requirements that enable our customers to use HIPAA-compliant products.

To date, two of LiveRamp’s most widely used products, Activation and Measurement, are now available in a limited release. Health care providers and health plans can now connect first-party PHI directly to LiveRamp for activation, measurement, and analytics in a fully HIPAA-compliant setting—an industry first.

LiveRamp’s HIPAA Compliance Program was developed in accordance with guidance from the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) and with help from PricewaterhouseCoopers’ HIPAA subject matter experts.

First-to-market data controls

As a trusted data connectivity platform, LiveRamp continues to find ways for companies across industries to connect, access, and analyze data in a secure and privacy-conscious manner, and our HIPAA Compliance Program reflects this commitment. By serving as a business associate under HIPAA regulations, LiveRamp can enter into business associate agreements (BAAs) with covered entities and their associates, allowing LiveRamp to accept PHI directly and translate it for acquisition, engagement, and measurement use cases.  

In addition to streamlining the data activation process, LiveRamp’s new HIPAA-compliant capabilities enable organizations to retain ultimate control over their data. We have applied privacy controls to our product and built a framework that expands these controls to partners in our connected ecosystem, which was previously unseen in the industry. Organizations can rest assured their data remains within their control, while also meeting HIPAA compliance standards, by partnering with LiveRamp.

Enabling better care and lower costs

Incorporating advanced analytics into health care systems provides benefits for both patients and providers. Research from McKinsey & Company revealed that advanced health care analytics and engagement not only enhances patient care, but can also help reduce medical costs in the U.S. by up to $175 billion annually.

LiveRamp is committed to helping companies offer better care while lowering costs, and we have invested in a dedicated infrastructure and team to help health care companies find the right solutions. We are participating in active conversations with organizations like health systems and health plans, and welcome any inquiries that will help us move forward in our commitment. For organizations interested in learning more about LiveRamp’s HIPAA Compliance Program and how to better activate, measure, and analyze digital campaigns, reach out to your account team or [email protected]