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LinkedIn Integration with LiveRamp IdentityLink

April 25, 2017  |   LiveRamp

Today, we announced the ability to use LiveRamp IdentityLink to onboard people-based audiences to LinkedIn via Matched Audiences.

What’s New?

Our LinkedIn integration enables marketers to deliver segmented audiences to LinkedIn Campaign Manager based on their offline customer data (like CRM records) for the purpose of reaching and engaging those audiences.

Now marketers can use the segments from their offline records in order to activate and run campaigns on LinkedIn, all in a privacy-conscious way.

Target segments (e.g., high-value job titles, homeowners, repeat customers, and so on) at the individual level (people-based marketing), using relevant content. This helps marketers deliver improved experiences and deliver superior engagement and conversions compared to campaigns with less precise messaging.

Who Can Benefit from This Program?

B2B marketers – Business-to-business marketers looking to engage business audiences will be able to engage with their people-based audiences on LinkedIn. B2B marketers can deliver their offline audiences and run campaigns throughout the LinkedIn platform in a highly targeted manner with relevant messaging.

B2C marketers – For business-to-consumer marketers, the program offers another people-based channel where customers can be reached at the individual level. LinkedIn members engage with the platform across multiple devices throughout each day, which provides consumer marketers with additional moments to engage with customers.

How It Works

With the LiveRamp-LinkedIn program, marketers can manage offline customer data in LiveRamp Connect® and deliver audiences to LinkedIn. In the process, LiveRamp will resolve offline records to unique LinkedIn identifiers for activation throughout the platform. Here’s a little more on how the process works:

To learn more about this exciting LinkedIn integration, contact your LiveRamp account representative, or get started with LiveRamp by contacting us today.

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