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Leveraging Snap’s Conversions API to Unlock New Reach and Measurement Capabilities

  • - Sam White
  • 2 min read

LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution can now be connected with Snap’s Conversions API (CAPI), helping marketers measure and improve campaign performance while increasing return on advertising investment.

This new integration of LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution and CAPI enables marketers to optimize Snapchat campaign performance without the need for third-party signals while protecting consumer data. Marketers working with LiveRamp can now directly pass web, app, and offline events to Snap in a privacy-safe environment.

“In order to maximize their results, marketers need to know how their campaigns are performing in real time. Integrating CAPI with LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution enables the connectivity to make this possible,” said John Eckhardt, Director, Global Marketing Science, Snap Inc. “Through this integration, marketers will benefit from better measurement and the ability to create an omnichannel view of their customers.”

Advertisers who integrate the Snap Pixel and CAPI see, at the median, an 18% uplift in cost per purchase, a 22% improvement in attributed purchases and a 25% increase in purchase value.

Conversion events, captured within Snap’s Marketing API, can be used to optimize campaigns in-flight and can be reviewed in reporting dashboards for improved conversion measurement. This helps advertisers optimize their Snapchat campaigns in real time, delivering superior performance and more provable sales outcomes. Removing reliance on cookies and other legacy signals also opens up Safari, Firefox, Edge, and other cookieless environments as opportunities to optimize and measure campaigns.

Key benefits

Deploying LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution with Snap’s CAPI will enable:

  • Stronger optimization: The insights enabled by this integration inform better optimization and delivery of campaigns, enabling more efficient cost per action.
  • Robust targeting: Marketers can engage the audiences that matter most to them, reaching the right audience with the most effective messaging at the right time.
  • Improved measurement: This enables marketers to see the results their campaigns are driving across all channels through a single integration, maximizing their return on ad spend.
  • Privacy protection: Leveraging LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution with CAPI provides comprehensive protection of advertiser data, and the new integration eliminates the need for the advertiser to send PII to Snap.

Get started today

To learn more about how LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution and Snap’s Conversions API can boost your marketing, contact [email protected] today.