Masters of Marketing Spotlight: Jonathan Anastas

Marketing Innovation

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Masters of Marketing Spotlight: Jonathan Anastas

Marketing Innovation

Jonathan Anastas has witnessed the changing tides of marketing technology firsthand.

“As I was lying in bed twenty years ago, I was probably thinking about maybe five marketing levers,” Anastas says. “I’m thinking about five hundred levers now.”

As the Chief Marketing Officer of the Enthusiast Network (TEN), Anastas leads consumer marketing strategy for the company’s transmedia content empire: a behemoth network of enthusiast brands which includes the likes of Motor Trend, Automobile, Surfer, Transworld, and more.

Prior to his role at TEN, Anastas served as Global Head of User Acquisition, Media, Web, & CRM at Roku, where he helped the platform surpass nine million monthly active streamers.

It’s safe to say Jonathan Anastas knows a thing or two about the modern marketing landscape.

TEN’s move from mass targeting to individual targeting

At the helm of TEN, Anastas faces a unique challenge: how to simultaneously serve content across print, web, mobile, and social. “What we’re trying to do is create the content that creates the highest engagement on the platform of choice and time of choice,” said Anastas.

The ethos is emblematic of a larger change within the industry as marketers turn towards individual targeting over mass outreach.

“We used to fire with a pure shotgun approach, with broad reach as the number one goal,” Anastas said. “Now, it’s all about data-driven 1:1 messaging.”

The switch is exemplified by one of TEN’s more prominent brands, Motor Trend, which creates person-specific offerings on the fly.

“For our Motor Trend on demand product, we’re sending new programming suggestions based on shows we know you’ve watched, as opposed to spamming all of our subscribers.”

Anastas’ approach to identity resolution

Another prominent obstacle facing Jonathan Anastas (as well as the industry at large) is how to determine if you’re actually targeting a real person (let alone the right person).

“We’re confident that we’re reaching real people consistently, but we’re never 100% sure,” Anastas says. “Not only are there fake profiles and click-bots and all that stuff, but real people use multiple devices, each with their own IP address.”

The problem, as Anastas explains, is further complicated by the fact that many consumers have multiple social profiles, all of which correspond to different facets of their life.

“Authentication is important and it’s also important to get identity right, more consistently than ever,” Anastas says.

So how does one go about accurately determining identity? For Anastas, it’s a combination of factors: “We’re sort of approaching it in a multi-pronged way—behavior-based and identity-based,” he says.

By combining verified customer data with behavioral intangibles, such as engagement across specific brands, Anastas steadily narrows down the search. “It’s sort of an X/Y axis of those two things,” he says.

How TEN utilizes LiveRamp IdentityLink™

Jonathan Anastas and TEN represent the new breed of people-based publishers, using real data to target specific customers. With the help of LiveRamp, TEN is able to leverage their growing base of first-party data to enhance their offerings to brands and open up new monetization possibilities.

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