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Introducing “Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud,” the LiveRamp Podcast

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What’s unsaid when technology, business, and data intersect? A lot. That’s why we’re launching Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud, a podcast from LiveRamp that uncovers the challenges people may think about but not verbalize. Check out our trailer:

Our show puts microphones in front of smart people who have a lot to say about a range of topics—conversations that need to be had out loud and more often.

Episode 1: Secrets to Delighting Your Customers with Data Connectivity

How do technology, data, and people connect to deliver exceptional customer experiences? This episode features LiveRamp’s Daniella Harkins, SVP of Commercial Strategy; and Michelle Dooley, Managing Director of Strategy, Safe Haven, dropping their collective knowledge on data strategies, partnerships, and creating positive business outcomes.


Listen to Secrets to Delighting Your Customers with Data Connectivity now.

Episode 2: What DEI and DIB Mean in an Industry That Loves Acronyms

You may have heard the acronyms DIB, DEI, or D&I in reference to diversity programs. What do they all mean, and why are these initiatives especially important in technology? This episode features Brandon Sammut, Chief People and Culture Officer at LiveRamp, in conversation with Daniella Harkins, SVP of Commercial Strategy, and Anneka Gupta, President and Head of Platforms and Product at LiveRamp, on the state of diversity, inclusion, and belonging in data and technology. Hear where LiveRamp is on its journey to providing unique and authentic collaboration among diverse voices—and learn tactics you can take back to your organizations.




Listen to What DEI and DIB Mean in an Industry That Loves Acronyms now.

Episode 3: TV’s Unscripted Fall Season

It’s a transformative time for the TV business, to say the least. In this episode of “Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud,” Christine Grammier, Head of Buy-Side TV at LiveRamp, and Jay Prasad, Chief Strategy Officer for TV at LiveRamp, discuss how the industry needs to adapt to the changing ecosystem and viewership trends to deliver relevant and better cross-screen customer experiences, all while achieving business outcomes.




Listen to TV’s Unscripted Fall Season now.

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