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Introducing LiveRamp’s Portrait Engine

  • - Dennis Ellis
  • 2 min read

Current changes and challenges in the marketing ecosystem make it clear that a first-party data strategy is more critical than ever. LiveRamp spoke to many brands and identified five key principles to address when building a new data foundation:  

  • Start with building a first-party data strategy
  • Have more control over customer identity processes
  • Access global markets more quickly
  • Choice and benefits that come from connecting first-party data with LiveRamp’s leading ecosystem of partners
  • Innovation with privacy-enhancing solutions that extend the possibilities for data

At the highest level, LiveRamp’s vision is to make it safe and easy for companies to use data effectively. That’s why we’ve unveiled our newest solution, Portrait Engine—LiveRamp’s first-party next-generation customer identity solution that reconciles customer data from any source to generate a stable identifier and build the most relevant customer view—the portrait.

LiveRamp’s Portrait Engine provides and powers:

Unified customer views

Extract the maximum value from your data with accurate, safe data unification and consolidate to a golden record to improve analytics, measurement, activation, and addressability.

Customer data enrichment

Augment the view of your customer within your own data set by leveraging third-party demographic data.

Advanced customer insights

Surface accurate and meaningful insights in your cloud data warehouse to optimally plan, engage, and measure across all marketing channels.

Improved downstream performance

Join data sets that don’t share a common key and align to the identity space that’s adopted and bid on across the ecosystem. 

The reality is, data can be messy. The good news is that LiveRamp has been at this for well over 20 years and we’re exposing this IP for you to take control. During the recent MMA event, The Great Identifier Debate, I gave an eight-minute overview of Portrait Engine, which you can watch below.

If you have questions or are curious about LiveRamp Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS), reach out to [email protected]