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LiveRamp Innovation Studio: IdentityLink in the Bidstream

  • - LiveRamp
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The programmatic ecosystem faces growing challenges. An increase in state and federal regulations brought upon by GDPR and the upcoming CCPA has led to a number of state and federal bills following suit to tackle the issue of how to remain privacy-conscious. These regulations also prompted the sunsetting of third-party cookies, leaving many confused when adapting to these changes.

To alleviate some of that confusion, during RampUp New York recently, LiveRamp’s VP of Strategic Partnerships, Travis Clinger, discussed how transacting with people-based IDs like IdentityLinks provides brands with a scalable, measurable solution to reaching target audiences. Here are some key takeaways:

The Walled Gardens Are Getting Higher

With the slow decline of cookies, coupled with increased regulations, walled gardens are holding back data that provide transparency and valuable insights on media investments. The walls are only getting higher with platforms that do have identity capabilities, forcing advertisers to navigate how to ensure they’re reaching their target audience where they’re browsing most. As AdWeek reports, this has prompted advertisers to increase their ad spend within walled gardens, but that actually silos their ads and data rather than giving advertisers an omnichannel view of their consumers.

Fragmented Data Leads to a Fragmented Ecosystem

At LiveRamp, we realized early on that programmatic was broken before the onset of data privacy regulations and third-party cookies. Fragmenting data within each of the walled gardens, coupled with limited visibility of third-party cookies, is neither people-based nor efficient in reaching consumers across channels. Third-party cookies are an imperfect identifier, tied to browsers, and not scalable for the future. As advertisers look more towards CTV (connected TV) and the Internet of Things, they’re interacting less in cookie environments. Continuing to rely on cookies would mean that, as Goodway Group’s VP of Enterprise Partnerships Amanda Martin puts it, “…we are further pushing off the future that needs to be created.”

By interacting on IDLs, advertisers see 100% match rates on exposure logs, where every impression bought on IDL is measurable and scalable. LiveRamp’s people-based identifiers also allow advertisers to provide more meaningful consumer experiences, with personalized messaging and targeting to customers during peak buyer intent. Advertisers experience increased reach and recognition on all browsers, with transparent and accurate measurement that more effectively demonstrates their ROI. 

Criteo Bids on IdentityLink in the Bidstream

During RampUp New York, Len Ostroff, SVP of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances at Criteo, announced that Criteo is bidding on IdentityLink. As we envision a world without cookies, this is a significant move from one of our trusted partners.

With IdentityLink in the bidstream, Criteo customers get a robust view of their campaign, allowing them to easily optimize and measure results. Consumers can also manage consent of their data and opt out in a single click. Transacting on IdentityLink enables more rich applications for Criteo customers, where an omnichannel, people-based approach can be tied to both offline and online data. 

Get Started with IdentityLink in the Bidstream

To learn more about how LiveRamp’s people-based IdentityLink is revolutionizing a fragmented ecosystem and hear a successful use case with Goodway Group, watch the LiveRamp Innovation Studio video from RampUp New York. Read more on Criteo’s bid of IdentityLink in the bidstream, and reach out to [email protected] to get started bidding on IdentityLink.