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Mid-Size B2B Tech Firm Improves CPM by 36% and Optimizes Media Spend

  • - Kerranna Williamson
  • 2 min read

Now more than ever before, B2B marketers are being asked to stretch their marketing budgets, while also meeting or exceeding their KPIs. Faced with these challenges, a mid-sized B2B technology firm turned to LiveRamp B2B as it looked to optimize media spend and drive registrations to their annual user conference, from both net new leads as well as existing customers and prospects. The ultimate goal was to increase engagement and demand in the sales pipeline. Like many B2B organizations, the company struggled to accurately reach professional contacts at scale while also optimizing audience creation and segmentation. 

To address these challenges, the company engaged LiveRamp B2B and leveraged four main tactics: B2B activation to activate first-party CRM data with LiveRamp B2B’s activation solution; custom audiences built by layering B2B intent attributes from LiveRamp B2B’s partner, Bombora; audience expansion to enrich its first-party contacts from top accounts with third-party professional data and expand audience reach; and suppression to prevent wasting campaign dollars on marketing to existing registrants and employees. 

Leveraging LiveRamp B2B, the B2B technology company was able to reach more than 30,000 professionals, with a match rate of 45%. The company also improved aggregate CPM for first-party audiences by 36% and 32% for third-party audiences. 

Check out this case study to learn more on how LiveRamp B2B can help you reach professional contacts at scale, and reach out to [email protected] to increase the efficiency of your B2B marketing campaigns.