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How A Trusted Ecosystem Can Rebuild Our Industry

  • - LiveRamp
  • 3 min read

Right now, the industry is looking for guidance on how to react to the end of third-party cookies, and also how to manage an evolving regulatory landscape where GDPR and CCPA are only the beginning. In light of this new reality, we finally have the momentum to address a critical issue that’s been put off for a long time—consumers are demanding more transparency and control over how their data is being used. The answer? Design for the customer experience and work backwards. 

LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution rebuilds trust and prepares the industry for ever-increasing consumer expectations  

First, we believe consented and direct first-party relationships with brands and publishers give people more of the control they seek. Last year, LiveRamp introduced Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS), which allows publishers to collect first-party permissions and match user data with a RampID. 

This enabled people-based advertising on authenticated, cookieless inventory across the open internet. Today, ATS is live and is experiencing incredible momentum as it represents a better way to buy, sell, and bid on media that eliminates issues resulting from cookie syncs. We’ve already seen amazing results from buying on RampIDs, such as three times larger targetable audiences, 15% more click-through rates, and 17% higher CPMs for publishers.

Your data is your data, even when you need to collaborate. LiveRamp Safe Haven will help keep it that way. 

We believe that in a cookieless world, data collaboration is more important than ever before. Real customer intelligence derived from first-party data is the most valuable asset an organization can leverage, and the second-most valuable asset an organization can leverage is someone else’s first-party data. 

LiveRamp Safe Haven enables second-party data collaboration in a neutral, permission-controlled, privacy-first environment to ensure the compliance, safety, and security of data while delivering the highest possible value between partners. Sitting on top of a foundation of identity, our Safe Haven provides advanced analytics tools to help businesses such as brands, retailers, and media networks to collaborate with their partners. With LiveRamp Safe Haven, businesses can extract insights from event-level data to inform business decisions and unlock outcome-based measurement capabilities. 

LiveRamp’s Data Marketplace introduces a new accredited data transparency program

Lastly, we believe our clients and partners need a better way to navigate this ever-changing maze of regulation and adopt more intelligent data buying strategies. To help, LiveRamp will be rolling out a data transparency program inside our robust and independent data marketplace in the second half of this year. As the industry has evolved, so have we. This initiative will involve a new set of requirements that every data provider must meet in order to receive LiveRamp’s evaluation, from CCPA, GDPR to new legislation in the U.S. and globally.

Our goal is to protect the high level of trust we’ve built with buyers and make for a more transparent and easy buying experience. At the same time, data owners have the opportunity to differentiate their data sets in an impactful way. Data should not be a black box. It should be transparent. 

Finally, LiveRamp has the experience and sophistication to help companies thrive in this new era. Our vision is to make it safe and easy for enterprises to use data effectively. To that end, we will make the following three commitments: to put the consumer first at the center of it all, guiding every decision we make; to remain neutral and unbiased, staying interchangeable even with technology of our competitors; and to enable access, interoperability, and portability. If there’s an ethical data source, we will find a way to connect you to that data source, and no matter where you want to use data, we will activate so your data can travel safely. 

Together with brands, agencies, technology partners, and publishers, we’re helping to build stronger first-party relationships with the people we all serve. We look forward to collaborating with each of you to achieve this new trusted ecosystem. To learn more about Authenticated Traffic Solution, email [email protected]