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How To Use Our IdeaBook: 300 Ways To Do People-Based Marketing

April 19, 2018  |   LiveRamp

Eager to tie web traffic to foot traffic? Unsure of how to measure the sales impact of your TV campaigns? Ready to dive into a data lake project? When it comes to people-based marketing, the opportunities are nearly endless.

That’s the idea behind our IdeaBook—to give marketers like you a look into the creative ways people in your industry are doing people-based targeting, measurement, and personalization. It’s the perfect place to go for inspiration about how you can use data, technology, and identity to connect with your customers as people, not cookies.

Dive into what’s new and how to get the most out of this year’s IdeaBook: 300 Ways To Do People-Based Marketing.

What are you trying to do?

The IdeaBook is organized into three main sections: targeting, measurement, and personalization.

Targeting remains a hot topic among marketers, so you’ll find this section to be the lengthiest. Check in here to see how marketing leaders are uncovering opportunities to target real people at the right moment and push personalized creative in a data-driven manner—by industry!

This year’s targeting section also includes some of our favorite new use cases for advanced TV, like connecting your TV and direct mail campaigns together or using third-party data to target those individuals who watched, say, Baby Cobra, three times.

Our measurement section has also grown to include customer journey and incrementality use cases, in addition to last year’s attribution, audience planning, campaign performance use cases. Jump to page 55 for a deep dive into data lakes—the ideal environment to create a holistic consumer understanding.

The personalization section will push your customer centricity to the limit. Take a look for fresh ways to recognize your best prospects and customers across channels. It includes ideas for engagement, driving sales, and promoting discovery. Everything from adjusting content on your home page to presenting search options that are relevant to an individual’s needs.

Where are you on your people-based marketing journey?

Some ideas are, simply, more complicated than others, and require you to build up to them. All ideas are color-coded to represent established, emerging, and leading-edge tactics.

If you’re just getting started with targeting, measurement, or personalization, it may make sense to test out established ideas first, and then create a roadmap for experimenting with emerging and leading-edge ideas.

As this is an Olympic year, think of established ideas as the qualifying round, foundational basics in your pursuit of greater marketing glory; emerging ideas as the finals where you demonstrate your ability to break away from the pack; and leading-edge ideas as medal-worthy marketing in the hearts and minds of your target audience.

How will you make it happen?

Need help figuring out how to keep irrelevant ads off your cardholders’ TVs? Want to know the steps to speaking right into cinephiles’ earbuds? What should you expect when using third-party data to target travelers with a getaway that’s too good to resist?

Throughout the IdeaBook, you’ll find featured ideas that dive deeper into the opportunities some of our favorite ideas present, the steps you’ll need to take to get there, and what you should expect as a result of implementation.

At the end, you’ll find a list of partners to consider for your people-based marketing, measurement, and personalization initiatives. We’ve listed them by the role they play in the ecosystem to give you a sense of what kinds of ideas they’ll be able to bring to life.

Paper limits some of the functionality to make this section searchable, sortable, or selectable. That’s why we have our partner page where you can parse through them by category, use cause, or just search by name.

Ready to dive in? Download our IdeaBook: 300 Ways To Do People-Based Marketing today!