How to Reach New and Old Customers Through Programmatic Marketing

Marketing Innovation

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How to Reach New and Old Customers Through Programmatic Marketing

Marketing Innovation

Guest blog post by Ben Plomion, VP, Marketing and Partnerships at Chango.

The biggest marketing challenge for retailers has always been reaching the people who want to buy your product. Sure, if you’re selling socks or toilet paper, you can probably get away with appealing to a broad, generic audience. But most retailers sell products meant for specific types of people. And even those selling socks and toilet papers try to reach the moms who are most likely to buy them for the family.

Luckily for retailers, there’s Programmatic Marketing—a practice through which retailers can reach customers with ads based on the site pages they visited, the content they’ve consumed, and even the search terms they’ve entered into sites like Google.

The New Customer Machine: Search Retargeting

For the past decade, search intent has been one of the most powerful aspects of online marketing. After all, when someone searches for “50-inch flat screen TV” or “Cheap booty jeans,” chances are they’re looking to buy a 50-inch flat screen TV or some cheap booty jeans.

Google built its $250 billion empire by selling search ads for those terms, and today, the search ad market is completely saturated, with top terms commanding upwards of $70 per click. Luckily for marketers still looking to leverage the power of search intent, there’s Search Retargeting, a practice that lets you target people with display ads based on the keywords they enter into Google, Bing, Yahoo! and other search engines. As a result, you can target users who searched on Google for a 50’’ flat screen TV with display ads around the web, featuring various creatives that offer sales and other incentives for users to click and buy. Best of all, these are truly new customers; they don’t need to have heard of you or visited your site before.

The Customer Boomerang: Programmatic Site Retargeting

Often, you’ll have customers who visit your site and abandon their carts, or who browse many items but only buy one. You know that they were interested in making a purchase, but they didn’t convert, and now you want to get them back. That’s where Site Retargeting comes in.

Site Retargeting—the most popular form of Programmatic Marketing—lets marketers target users with ads based on the pages they’ve visited on your site. So if someone visits the leather jackets page on your site but leaves after browsing, you can target that user with a display ad for 20% off leather jackets.

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) platforms are what make this all possible, as you’re able to instantaneously bid to serve a display ad to a user on a particular web page, such as or

At Chango, we take Site Retargeting to the next level with Programmatic Site Retargeting (PSR), which allows us to assign a visitor score to each user—since not all visitors are of equal value. After all, someone who abandoned $1,000 worth of electronic equipment in a shopping cart is much more valuable than someone who visits your home page and leaves. We calculate this visitor score based on factors such as the referral site, the date and time of the visit, on-site behavior, and CRM data, which gives us a sophisticated profile of each user and tells us how much to bid to serve each ad impression. That way, you never miss the chance to get your most valuable customers back to your site.

The Offline Customer Match Maker: CRM Retargeting

Many retailers have seasonal or infrequent shoppers, people who are not actively engaging with your emails or visiting your website. These customers have a high buying potential if you can just catch their attention. With CRM Retargeting, you can reengage past customers with online display ads even if they have not visited your site recently.

Chango’s partnership with LiveRamp enables you to reach these high value customers. Onboard a file with LiveRamp of email addresses or postal addresses for the audience you want to target. LiveRamp will anonymously match this data with online browsers and create a retargeting audience within Chango’s platform. You can execute a CRM Retargeting campaign the same way you would a Site Retargeting campaign and reach an audience you can’t find anywhere else. Find your existing customers and prospects online, and target them with relevant and timely messaging.