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Watch: How to Optimize First-Party Identity across the Enterprise

  • - Meira Robertson
  • 2 min read

Many brands are preparing as best as they can for the end of third-party cookies and the loss of other device IDs, having realized the importance of managing their own customer-identity data assets to power better experiences and mitigate decreased access to third-party signals. 

Determining the best way to use that data for internal analytics, offline targeting, and online targeting measurement still poses a challenge. LiveRamp understands this and developed solutions designed to show how first-party matching, resolution, and householding can be flexibly optimized for better analytics, personalization, reach, and more.

Our offline identity for first-party audiences is supported through a purpose-built identity processor called Portrait Engine, an optional regional identity spine called AbiliTec, and accurate offline identity attribute appends from LiveRamp’s partner data sellers. Our offline identity approach increases the accuracy of data for marketing purposes over a variety of cloud platforms, and also supports online media activation, measurement, and data collaboration use cases.

As Travis Barnes, Global Product Manager, LiveRamp First-Party Identity explained during RampUp 22, “The more that you have a standard flow, the more you’re going to reap rewards in consistent segmentation, in consistent measurement, in consistent analytics, and with the assurance of accurate activation to effectively engage the same person every time with the experience that you desire. Data only flows when privacy and security is there. That’s fundamental to everything we build.” 

Watch the full Innovation Studio session featuring Travis alongside fellow LiveRamper Tom Affinito, Global Product Marketing Lead, Identity Solutions, to explore how brands can use their first-party data in different ways to maximize its value for each use case across the enterprise.