How Real-Time Data Will Impact Personalization and Targeting in 2016

Marketing Innovation

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How Real-Time Data Will Impact Personalization and Targeting in 2016

Marketing Innovation

[Editor’s note: We recently sat down with Kurt Abrahamson, CEO of ShareThis, who will be speaking at #RampUp16. This blog is a compilation of those conversations. ]

  1. How is social sharing reshaping the way marketers strategize?

Sharing data flows in real-time as people share about current events and discover new content of interest.

It is constantly changing and increasing in volume over time. This ever-changing nature of the data stream allows marketers to both plan and adapt in real time.

  1. From your perspective, what will be some of the biggest challenges facing the ad-tech industry in 2016?

As the data sets we have available become more robust and diversified, we will need to do much more accurate cross-screen and data-set attribution and deduplication.

With the ability to get more accurate with our targeting will come the responsibility to become more engaging and authentic with our advertising.

Further, the days of simple frequency and reach calculations with mass messages will be relegated to the more traditional channels and digital will become more personalized with fine-tuned targeted segments.

Given this, innovations will emerge to solve cross-screen attribution at scale with high accuracy while also addressing all consumer concerns about privacy — which is a huge opportunity for new solutions.

Also, real-time data coupled with accurate targeting will drive a need for personalized messaging and engagement at a fine-grained segment level.

  1. What are you looking forward to at RampUp 2016?

It will be great to see and hear what Tony Zito, John Battelle, and Amit Ahuja have to share.

RampUp has become the go-to event for open internet, cross-channel data sharing, and understanding.

RampUp always presents a great opportunity for building new partnerships, making deals, and strengthening existing relationships.

Want to learn more from ShareThis?

Register to attend the RampUp 2016 conference in San Francisco on February 23, 2016, where Kurt Abrahamson will be speaking about “The Next Generation of Data and the Value of Real Time.”