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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Sharpens Approach for ABM Success

  • - LiveRamp
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Account-based marketing (ABM) has become a critical strategy for B2B marketers. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has long embraced this approach, but realized that to take their ABM practice to the next level, they needed more robust audience creation capabilities as well as access to timely, dynamic, and configurable insights on digital performance. By relying on a system that only provided data on a quarterly basis, they were missing valuable insights about their ever-evolving client metrics. They also lacked the cross-channel measurement capabilities to measure ROI, and the timely nature that allows for in-flight campaign optimization. Further, the company was having difficulty activating customer data across channels and increasing account match rates.Clearer data means actionable insights

By partnering with LiveRamp B2B, HPE was able to power their ABM program to reach the accounts that matter, optimize campaigns, and measure ROI. This single solution enabled the easy connection of data sources to derive fully holistic information about their most desired customers and prospects.

The first major benefit was an increase in account match rates—which now reached 97.77%—and visibility into which accounts were matched. LiveRamp B2B worked with top global data sellers to match HPE’s account list and create ABM audiences that could be pushed to activation platforms and provide greater reach.

As the campaigns were running, LiveRamp B2B was also able to provide HPE with greater understanding of an account’s media and website activities. Offering cross-channel measurement across programmatic, search, display, social, as well as organic metrics, LiveRamp B2B provided a more holistic view of an account’s interactions with HPE’s paid and unpaid content. HPE leveraged this data to craft marketing that positioned its solution as the logical choice for the account’s most irritating pain points. Even better, these insights were provided at a 91% more frequent rate than HPE’s previous solution. 

Finally, the self-serve platform allowed HPE to get timely insights more frequently. This created the ability to optimize campaigns mid-flight, and also for HPE to use the configurable web-based interface to pull insights on their own and do custom analysis. The constant flow of feedback allowed campaigns to iterate and pivot as the data dictated, resulting in decreased marketing costs with increased engagement.

Less effort, more success 

By using LiveRamp’s B2B solution, HPE’s ABM campaigns resulted in a 400% increase in measurable online channels. But that’s not all: the sales team had higher qualified leads, and data performance and costs became more transparent. With LiveRamp’s B2B solution, ABM became smarter through deeper insights, was more timely and efficient, and easier to navigate.

Download our case study to find out more about how LiveRamp helped Hewlett Packard Enterprise reach new levels of ABM insights.