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Helping LiveRamp customers find new audiences after Oracle’s advertising exit

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Today, Oracle announced that it will close its advertising business. Many brands that worked with Oracle are now contemplating finding new audiences or custom segments without disrupting their marketing and advertising operations.

For customers leveraging Oracle’s data offerings, the LiveRamp Data Marketplace can help source new audiences or custom segments from the wide range of global data from the world’s top providers, which includes many of the leading providers previously connected with Oracle. Any customers buying audiences from Oracle can now use Data Marketplace to select audiences from the world’s top data sellers, offering CPG, B2B, demographic, transaction, lifestyle, auto, and interest and behavioral insights, and easily utilize them for more effective audience targeting.

Data Marketplace allows customers to enhance their data strategy and close gaps in customer intelligence with access to safe, externally sourced third-party data. It is a core part of LiveRamp’s ability to provide customers with access to a vast collaborative network of rich customer insights, which not only includes top-quality data partners, but also the ability to activate this data via our premier global ecosystem of technology and media platforms, agencies, analytics environments, and TV partners.

LiveRamp is an end-to-end resource for brands’ marketing and advertising around the world, and for data owners to monetize their data. To learn more about what Data Marketplace can do for you, reach out to [email protected].

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