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Fox: Identity and Transitioning to Addressable TV

  • - LiveRamp
  • 1 min read

Fox Corp is a recognized leader in television broadcasting that continuously develops new and exciting technologies for advertisers to reach their audiences across any screen.  

LiveRamp is key in helping Fox Corp provide innovative solutions, including a smooth transition to addressable activation in the linear television space. By utilizing LiveRamp’s privacy-first solutions, Fox was able to merge subscribers from addressable distributors with Fox viewer data, enabling Fox to identify users, match them to the appropriate segments, and then work with their ad server to target those same users. 

For example, Fox received an RFP from a major retailer to onboard first-party data and match it with Fox’s data-driven linear offering. LiveRamp took the data, onboarded it, matched it against a Nielsen panel, then made it available for the linear team. Fox was then able to take advertiser data and match it against all of their endpoints for activation, both linear and digital, to offer true cross-screen targeting.

On the measurement side, LiveRamp helps Fox measure cross-screen activated campaigns through attribution and outcome-based reporting. For example, LiveRamp enables Fox to measure website visits as well as door swings of anyone who was exposed to a campaign. With onboarding, activation, and measurement in one place, Fox can tell their advertisers a cohesive story that brings them back over and over again. In this video, Darren Sherriff, VP, Advertising Technology Solutions at Fox Networks Group, shares more about how they work with LiveRamp.