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Five Timely Topics at RampUp 2020

  • - Dan Buckstaff
  • 2 min read

Every year RampUp takes on the topics that are top-of-mind for marketing leaders, bringing together the best minds in the industry to discuss and debate how best to adapt and evolve. This year is no different, and there are five trending topics each RampUp attendee should look to hear more about in San Francisco this March 2-3.       

1. Connecting without cookies 

With the loss of third-party cookies, many are questioning the path forward for a data-driven future. It starts with publishers hyper-focused on establishing direct connections with readers. This will help publishers understand and connect their customers to advertisers in high-quality environments. It ends with advertisers continuing to leverage addressable channels to reach their desired audiences, and people-based measurement to improve and optimize their efforts.   

2. Consent-based addressability

Consumer opinion has changed and regulatory compliance has followed, so which data strategies are best suited to provide individuals consent, preference, choice, and control? While publishers are reinventing their engagement models to offer individuals the ability to authenticate and express preferences over how their data is used, this consent-based approach means marketers can engage their audiences with content that is relevant and valuable. 

3. The rise of data partnerships

The need for second-party data is becoming more and more apparent. Developing partnerships where data sharing is an intuitive and natural thing—such as retailers and CPGs—is an essential strategy. Data-forward brands are banding together with a select group of partners and are forming ecosystems to collaborate around data in a permission-based way. A new phase of data and marketing ad tech is emerging.

4. It’s a new world of analytics and data

Both B2C and B2B marketers have learned to measure and analyze across channels, including a fragmented TV landscape, and truly understand the value of their media investments. Now they are expanding their analytical capabilities to measure the outcomes that are uniquely important to them, and uncovering ways to use digital as well as data from the known world, including directly identifiable personal data, safely and efficiently. With new models of measurement, traditional and premium publishers are learning how to get credit for the content and programming that attracts consumers in the mid- to upper funnel.

5. Kara Swisher

Technology business journalist, contributing writer to the New York Times, and Co-founder of Recode, RampUp’s closing speaker should not be missed. Articulating her vision for the future of advertising and marketing, this keynote is sure to be thought-provoking and provocative. 

To learn more about the RampUp sessions on these timely topics and more, check out the RampUp agenda and register today.