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Everything Marketers Need To Know about Meta’s Conversions API with LiveRamp

  • - Miso Jang
  • 3 min read

For years, brand advertisers relied on Meta Pixel to understand how their ads perform, leveraging their pixel data to connect with consumers on the Meta platform. However, the power of the pixel is diminishing. Global privacy regulations are expanding rapidly, Apple iOS 14 opt-in rates are decreasing, and 50% of internet browsers no longer support third-party cookies. Google Chrome will follow suit in 2024 with the end of third-party cookies. 

These industry changes led Meta to introduce its future-proof marketing solution, Meta’s Conversions API (CAPI), which enables marketers to use their first-party data—including conversion data—to target, optimize, and measure campaigns on Meta in real time without relying on third-party cookies. 

LiveRamp is excited to announce an extended partnership with Meta using our Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) and people-based, privacy-first identifier, RampID, to help power this capability for marketers so they can drive greater returns from their marketing investments. 

What is Meta’s Conversions API?

Meta CAPI allows brand advertisers to send their conversion data in real time, process that data directly within the Meta Business tool, and connect advertiser marketing data and Meta systems. This enables advertisers to use their own marketing data with cookieless conversions, optimize ad targeting, decrease cost per action, and more accurately measure campaign outcomes while respecting people’s choices on how their data is used. 

How does this integration improve marketing ROI? 

LiveRamp and Meta’s deeply integrated partnership takes innovative approaches to combat the impacts of third-party cookie deprecation on measuring conversion data outcomes. By embedding LiveRamp’s ATS, which is powered by RampID, into Meta CAPI, marketers are able to achieve a more holistic view of conversion paths to improve the ROI of their campaigns, all while optimizing performance and protecting individuals’ data.  

Through the partnership with LiveRamp, brands can build marketing programs upon a durable foundation using technology designed to withstand evolving privacy and browser policies. The enhanced partnership ensures marketers can avoid sharing consumers’ directly identifiable personal data, while also eliminating the need to build their own integrations, which require costly engineering resources and extensive legal and data ethics reviews. 

End-to-end person-based marketing for today and tomorrow

LiveRamp and Meta have collaborated for many years to develop a better way for advertisers to connect with and personalize the customer journey. Extending this integration to Meta CAPI now unlocks end-to-end person-based marketing. LiveRamp and Meta have established a deeply integrated partnership that drives impact and innovations, unlocking the following benefits for brand advertisers:   

  • Reach audiences that matter most: Enhance first-party data and establish more meaningful connections with consumers, customizing person-based marketing strategies while remaining privacy centric. 
  • Measure more accurately: Match offline and online data events and conversions to unlock more significant insight into campaign effectiveness and customer behavior to improve the marketing strategy. 
  • Optimize for better performance: Through offline and online insights, make adjustments in-flight that improve audience targeting and generate higher cost and performance efficiencies. Advertisers with the Meta Pixel who set up CAPI saw a 13% CPA improvement on average.
  • Future-proof marketing strategies: Ensure continuity between key marketing tactics—such as audience building, targeting, and measurement—on the web and mobile in a post-cookie environment.

Getting started:

Interested in learning more? Learn how LiveRamp can help you onboard with Meta’s CAPI. Contact our team of experts at [email protected] to learn how we can help you start today.  

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