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Delivering Better Customer Experiences

  • - LiveRamp
  • 1 min read

As a leading marketing automation software, Marketo, an Adobe company, understands that customer experience is key to success. While conversations about the convergence of adtech and martech have popularized recently, Marketo’s CMO Sarah Kennedy posits that the two have already become one. Both adtech and martech are focused on delivering value to the end customer, and Marketo’s partnership with LiveRamp focuses on exactly that. “Marketo and LiveRamp came together because both are companies looking for innovative new partners and ways to bring the marketing industry forward,” says Kennedy.

LiveRamp’s new partnership enables Marketo users to leverage the LiveRamp platform within the Marketo interface to distribute Marketo audience segments to LiveRamp’s vast partner ecosystem. Hear more from Sarah Kennedy in the video below on how this partnership creates consistent engagement across all touchpoints of the customer journey.

Watch the video: