5 Questions with Datorama CEO Ran Sarig

Marketing Innovation

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5 Questions with Datorama CEO Ran Sarig

Marketing Innovation

For this post, we sat down with the CEO & Cofounder of Datorama, Ran Sarig, to talk marketing intelligence, data centralization, recent advertising hot-button issues, and the new LiveRamp/Datorama partnership.

Before #RampUp17, we were hearing a lot about transparency issues from top media spenders—and now post-event, we’re seeing big shake-ups in brand safety management in the wake of more issues with popular publishers. Do you have any thoughts on what’s going on in 2017?

Ran Sarig: Every so often in this industry, we have what I think is essentially a crisis of consciousness, where issues that have existed for some time emerge from the shadows. Once exposed, the problem takes on a life of its own as advertisers and their partners react.

They’re asking important questions about how their brand and advertising is moving through the complex martech/adtech ecosystem—and in cases like these, there is a strong call for improvement. Marketers are in a process of centralizing their data right now, so they’re very attuned to ad measurement snafus and restatements like what we saw in September, and they’re taking a more active role in where their media appears.

So, in the the case of recent news on popular publishers, the marketers felt strongly about it in two ways. On the one hand, it is a brand safety issue, and, on the other hand, it’s a media spend allocation issue.

That’s why what we’re seeing now is that the resulting conversations have shifted quickly from verification and brand safety to ROI.

In a recent study, The Guardian found that middle-men took up to 70% of the cost of an impression by buying their own inventory. So the brand safety issue and the shrinking middle issues are actually related, and they meet in the middle at measurement.

How are marketers using Datorama to solve their measurement challenges? Are there any kinds of data that they can’t use?

Ran Sarig: Our clients can integrate any type of data they have.

The single source of truth must be easy to bring together, maintain, and scale. In order to make this very scalable for our customers and us, we’ve developed special technology that makes data integration, data cleansing, and data harmonization very efficient and accessible to business users.

In order to analyze the data, it can’t just be in one place—it has be unified or structured just like your marketing and business. So the platform organizes the data so you can see your KPIs and trends by region, business unit, or product, for example, via these online and offline channels, across these specific sites, placements, creative, audiences, and so on.

All of this gets centralized so you can zoom out or drill into as much detail as you need for the decision at hand.

What’s really exciting about the new partnership between LiveRamp and Datorama is the power of easily connecting your people-based data sets from across the omnichannel customer journey. By harmonizing your LiveRamp data sets, you can quickly get to valuable people-based insights on reach and frequency, audience and customer preferences for creative and CTAs, mapping customer journey paths and attribution across exposure, engagement and sales across offline and online channels.

These are just some of the first use-cases, and it will be exciting to see where customers go next with this data.

How do the individual data sets that you work with impact those decisions?

Ran Sarig: For Datorama customers, seeing the big picture across your marketing lets you make both nimble and strategic decisions.

For instance, demand gen marketers can move from top of the funnel CPL optimization to down funnel ROI optimization based on closed won revenue and customer acquisition cost. At a higher level, executives can see global marketing opportunities to ramp up programmatic vs. content syndication, and decide to shift budgets, change hiring plans, and modify the internal skills training.

Our partnership with LiveRamp, comes from marketers looking to apply people-based insights across their marketing stack.That’s a trend that didn’t exist a few years ago, and has quickly become incredibly strategic for marketers.

LiveRamp’s ability to onboard customer data and link it to people online through IdentityLink is incredibly powerful. Connecting those identities to campaign measurement and optimization is the logical next step.

Learn how to get started in taking that logical next step with our 9 Steps to Implementing Cross-Channel Attribution guide. Or, learn more about LiveRamp’s integration with Datorama by visiting our partners page.