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Data Strategy Tips: Enable Internal Collaboration with Data Connectivity

  • - Alice Stratton
  • 3 min read

This is the second post in our data strategy series on how data connectivity helps you drive innovation and long-term business growth. To read the first, click here.

Enabling data access for everyone on your team, let alone across your company, can be easier said than done. Yet there’s no denying the business value of removing data silos—no matter what industry you’re in. If you’re a CPG brand, you might want your sub-brands to share audience intelligence for strengthening your go-to-market strategies. If you’re a retailer, you might want your marketing and data teams to collaborate and create more granular audience segments.

Data may remain in silos because internal teams and partners have different permissions for data use. This is a common scenario we’ve come across: an analytics team has access to sensitive financial data that the marketing team does not. To create this necessary separation, the teams would have their own data lakes and tooling. 

Without a secure way to connect data from the analytics environment to the marketers’ realm, insights would stay locked up with analysts with no way for marketers to act on them. Moreover, the cultural silos caused by working exclusively within one’s own data environment make it difficult for teams to understand what each is truly capable of and how they can work better together.

Remove data silos, unlock insights

With increasing importance placed on maximizing internal resources and establishing autonomy from the big four technology giants, companies cannot afford to stay status quo with their data strategy and the foundation supporting it. 

To make internal data accessible to all who need to use it, LiveRamp helps our clients connect all the customer data they use to persistent identifiers and makes it accessible through Safe Haven, a neutral and privacy-secure data foundation. All of the data that enters Safe Haven has had directly identifiable personal data removed to protect consumers’ sensitive information, and is bound by privacy controls set by the data owner. 

Data connectivity in action

We’ve worked with a dairy brand that had its customer support logs, CRM, campaign performance metrics, and other data sets in internal silos with specific permissions and tools associated with each. This made it impossible for its teams to draw business insights across the organization to collaborate on meeting revenue growth goals by, for example, aligning marketing strategies with supply chain optimization. 

By enabling this brand’s teams to work within the same data environment with the same technology, the teams could explore new ways to collaborate with the assurance that they were all accessing the most recent, permissioned, clean data available to anyone at the company. This confidence in the data has made it undeniably easier to surface actionable insights to the right teams and stakeholders to move the business forward.

Safe Haven—a secure data foundation for collaboration

By providing companies with an identity-based data foundation to work from, we enable teams to collaborate on a range of projects and seamlessly connect the data needed to power their work:

  • Media buyers can activate new audience segments created by the data team
  • Data scientists can uncover business insights that inform product research and development or go-to-market strategies
  • The creative and analytics teams can collaborate on incrementality testing

This is just a taste of what’s possible with Safe Haven. Its powerful, interoperable applications for marketers and data scientists ensures that both can use the technology they are accustomed to and seamlessly share information, building a solid data foundation that you own and can continually enrich to support business growth. 

To learn more about how Safe Haven can help you increase agility and unlock insights, visit this web page