Overcoming Data Fragmentation – Chicago LiveRamp Roadshow

Marketing Innovation

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Overcoming Data Fragmentation – Chicago LiveRamp Roadshow

Marketing Innovation

This fall, LiveRamp hits the road bringing together the top marketers in retail, financial services, publishing, political and advertising agencies, and data providers. Our goal: facilitating thought leadership about overcoming data fragmentation through compelling case studies, best practices, and informative sessions from industry analysts, our customers, and partner speakers.

With Chicago as our first stop, we focused on retail and financial services. Speakers from AdExchanger Research, MetLife, Sephora, TAPAD. Nielsen Catalina Solutions, and Ovative Group outlined the critical steps of building a cohesive and holistic digital marketing campaign.

It starts with laying the groundwork for a successful, data-driven marketing department.

Step 1. Moving the C Suite to Data Believers

Gaining the support of your CMO is crucial to being successful with data utilization and securing marketing budget. Dale Nitschke, CEO of Ovative Group, reflected on his time at a large nationwide retailer, where he transformed their marketing strategy and built out a data-driven marketing plan. A critical point from Nitschke is to get C-level support.

“When working with senior leaders, don’t use the word test. Instead, frame the preliminary stages as necessary to build an innovative capability.” Tests by their nature can result in mixed results that can easily stop funding when business goes south. However, the vision of building a capability is something leadership will support through good and bad times. Building a capability demands trial and error, but it’s worth the competitive advantage.

So be confident and show your CMO the deliverables that data-driven marketing will enable. Disclaimer: This may take perseverance.

Step 2. Data Hygiene and Organization

A common pain point for many markers is breaking down the data silos within their own company. Companies can have multiple databases with multiple IT teams that don’t communicate in any fashion.Therefore, you may have more customer data than you realize; find, organize, and then utilize it. Breaking down internal silos and eliminating the dirty data will improve all digital marketing efforts.  

Step 3. Get Familiar with the Digital Marketing Industry

Joanna O’Connell, Lead Analyst at AdExchanger Research, explained how the industry as a whole can be complex and utterly confusing. The complexity of the data and technology ecosystem, triggered by buzzwords like DMPs, cross-device ID, and “walled gardens,” causes marketers to lose vision of their digital marketing goals. In addition, the complexity of the customer – each having high expectations for a seamless experience, even across devices, leaves marketers without the “normal telltale signs” they’re accustomed to using.

Where does a marketer begin to plan—and then execute—an effective digital marketing campaign with all these hindrances within the industry? Start by getting familiar with the industry—learn from case studies and best practices of other marketers. Take a look at this glossary of digital marketing terms and become the champion of data-driven marketing for your company.

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