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Exploring the New Frontier of Data-Driven TV with Data Plus Math

  • - LiveRamp
  • 2 min read

TV today is no longer just on the big screen in the living room. We’re making our own entertainment choices through various touch points and consuming content from multiple sources like Hulu, Roku, and video-on-demand from your set-top box—all the while, still also watching live TV. 

One of the major friction points in the traditional TV ecosystem is that brands are struggling to get a comprehensive view of reach, frequency, and impressions delivered to their audiences. Change is hard—we get it. The TV industry began in a different era of content consumption, and breaking out of the system of measuring and counting the way we’ve traditionally delivered impressions is tough. But as marketers, buying and measuring TV based only on these traditional measurement methods leaves us with an incomplete picture of reach and guessing at what will drive our business forward.

Fragmented data is one of the biggest hurdles marketers face in reaching their target audience in premium video today. Combining the data from various data sources and seeing how TV contributed to campaign success is challenging with different identifiers coming from various partners housed in a multitude of places. Data Plus Math brings those disparate data sources together, tying the viewership data from everywhere you are delivering premium video impressions to business outcomes. The platform creates a clean, nationally scaled view of strategic audience reach, frequency, impressions, and the attribution that helps you measure the ROI of your TV ad spend, all in a privacy-conscious manner.

Case (study) in point: a top retail brand wanted to quantify how they were driving in-store visits with their TV campaign. With LiveRamp’s deterministic identity graph and the Data Plus Math platform, the brand discovered that 14% of their in-store visits were a result of ads on premium video content. During the flight of the campaign, the brand was able to optimize the reach of their campaign substantially +35%, instead of the “set it and forget it” mentality that previously would have been adopted. They were able to extend their reach to the most valuable homes and measure results with improved business outcomes. Additionally, because of these real-time results, the brand was able to optimize rotation of their creative assets to ensure they were reaching consumers with the creative they’d best respond to. 

To learn more about how LiveRamp and the Data Plus Math platform can help marketers better buy and measure TV based on real-world outcomes, check out this webinar. To see how to activate Data Plus Math for your future TV campaigns, reach out to [email protected].