Customer Purchase Intent and Omni-Channel Customer Experiences

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Customer Purchase Intent and Omni-Channel Customer Experiences

Marketing Innovation

[Ed. Note: This is a guest post authored by Rick Weithas, Director of Product Marketing, Ensighten]

Customer Purchase Intent and Omni-Channel Customer Experiences

Marketers know it’s more important than ever to understand customer purchase intent and deliver relevant experiences. But what does it take to achieve this?

Consumers  interact with brands across onsite, offsite, mobile, social and offline channels. These channel touch-points and interactions are commonly referred to as an omni-channel customer journey, and they play an important role in understanding customer intent.  It can be difficult to piece together consumer behavior across channels but this is one of the keys to driving higher conversion rates.

Omni-Channel Insight

Marketing is no longer a single channel game won or lost on the website. In fact, it’s already game over if you have a website-only strategy. Forrester predicts that by 2018, 60 percent off all U.S. sales will be cross-channel influenced. Further, Forrester estimates that 98 percent of all users move across multiple devices daily.

When campaigns are managed and measured with a siloed approach focusing on a single channel, your view of customer behavior is too narrow to truly understand customer intent and the role each touch point plays in conversion.  Marketers need a way to eliminate data silos and connect their data for better insights.

Data-Driven Relevance

To deliver a contextually relevant experience you need to be able to act quickly on customer data at the segment or consumer  level. What about the customers individual intent can be understood through digital interactions? What is known about their past history? Acting on these insights can ensure that messaging is relevant and moves a buyer through the funnel.

Turning Omni-Channel Insight into Action

Ensighten’s partnership with LiveRamp enables marketers to collect and act on  customer data across more than 130 marketing platforms. Ensighten Activate collects data on customer interactions across digital touch points, providing omni-channel visibility into customer purchase intent. Audience segments can be created in Ensighten Activate and distributed through LiveRamp to marketing platforms for display, search, video, mobile, addressable TV, and more.

Together we enable marketers to influence the 49 percent of U.S. adults that Forrester estimates are always addressable.


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