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Driving Customer Loyalty to Build for Long-Term Growth Amidst a Pandemic

  • - Dan Buckstaff
  • 2 min read

COVID-19 and the resulting stay-at-home orders that took effect globally had an immediate and drastic impact on our lives. The norms around how we live changed overnight. Citizens across the globe were forced to do more inside their homes, changing the ways many people work, exercise, spend leisure time, educate children, and much more. 

While the global pandemic has impacted the economy as a whole, countless other businesses have taken off, experiencing strong growth in customer acquisition. These businesses are now facing the challenge of understanding new customers and engaging with them to create long-term loyal customers.

New consumer habits are here to stay

As we embrace “the new normal,” many are predicting that some of the changed human behaviors as part of shelter-in-place, are here to stay. These shifts present an opportunity for the businesses that have thrived during the pandemic to convert newly added customers into repeat buyers. According to the CSP Daily News, an estimated 17 million U.S. households plan to continue grocery shopping online after the pandemic ends. A recent IAB study also found that 25-33% of all consumers intend to reduce major out-of-home activities after the coronavirus crisis ends, shifting their spend to in-home items like household care products, and food pick-up and delivery services. 

Organizations that have accelerated during this period must focus on customer retention to prevent customer churn and drive long-term growth. To emerge and excel during these tough times, businesses must set themselves up for long-term success and invest in understanding who their customers are and what they value. 

How to boost acquisition and loyalty

LiveRamp’s Data Connectivity Platform provides privacy-first capabilities to organizations that want to use their customer data to gain a deeper understanding of who their new customers are and build loyalty. Brands can now gain access to robust customer insights, making customer data more accessible and usable across the organization, while also providing measurement capabilities that help brands understand which tactics move the needle on key business outcomes. 

At LiveRamp, we’re committed to helping these organizations take advantage of their newest  and next opportunity. Check out our Customer Profiles page to learn more on how LiveRamp can help businesses drive loyalty with newly acquired customers. Then, contact us at [email protected] to see how LiveRamp can help you build and scale your audiences.