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Cookies Get a Reprieve, But It’s Never Been A Better Time to Ditch Them

  • - Travis Clinger
  • 3 min read

Today, Google announced that it was extending the testing windows for Privacy Sandbox APIs and postponing its timeline for deprecation of third-party cookies in Chrome to mid-2024. LiveRamp offers publishers and brands better results today – delaying your move to cookieless only means continuing to cheat yourself out of better performance. Let’s look at the industry landscape: Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge collectively represent 45% of the internet, and that internet is cookieless. CTV is cookieless. Mobile in-app is cookieless and is seeing signal reduction. Chrome is just the final browser to remove the cookie. For marketers and publishers, this means that they can find considerable benefits shifting to cookieless solutions as soon as possible, rather than waiting until the eleventh hour. 

A vast number of publishers and marketers have already discovered the benefits of transacting on our global, omnichannel RampID. Modern verification service, Sincera, recently found that RampID had the largest active cookieless footprint of all IDs in the market with a 70% absorption of its ID into the bidstream (meaning IDs that are both deployed on publishers and actionable for advertisers). Further, LiveRamp has more publisher domains than any other authenticated identifier.

Getting ready for the cookieless future is easier than ever before

Shifting to LiveRamp now enables you to benefit from the scale of third-party cookies while they still exist, and also reach consumers in already-cookieless environments. It’s as easy as flipping a switch within your DSP or SSP, or deploying simple code. Now, we’re making it easier than ever before: for LiveRamp marketers who use one of our RampID enabled DSPs, we’re engaging in a new initiative to upgrade all activations to leverage RampID in the coming months, meaning nearly every LiveRamp brand will be buying ATS inventory by default. Want to move over today? Email [email protected] and we’ll get your account migrated right away. 

We’re ready for the cookieless future now, globally

LiveRamp and its partners have been collaborating for the past several years on a better way for advertisers to connect with and personalize the consumer journey across the open web, mobile, CTV, and social platforms. Our Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) is built on LiveRamp’s best-of-breed identity, and is rooted in consumer trust and transparency. We’re on track to more than double our ATS scale over the next year, with plans to expand ATS to 100 countries by the end of 2023.

  • 48% of consumers’ time spent on the open web is spent on domains that are, or will be, live with ATS, unlocking critical scale for global publishers and marketers. 
  • 89% of consumer time is spent on sites and social platforms that are integrated with LiveRamp based on ATS or our direct, cookieless publisher integrations. This means a marketer working with LiveRamp can find 95% of the US population through the various integrations – all without the need for a third-party cookie, mobile device ID, or IP address.
  • ATS is the only global, people-based, cookieless solution live in North America, EU, APAC, and LATAM. ATS is the trusted tool used by publishers and marketers worldwide. 

LiveRamp offers performance for the marketer

In addition to publishers, marketers around the world are achieving better business outcomes with ATS regularly. Danone and other global brands can attest to stronger results for their campaigns, as well as our Forrester-commissioned Total Economic Impact™ report on ATS. 

  • According to independent research, LiveRamp ATS offers a 340% boost in ROI over a 3 year span relative to using cookies
  • Most recently, a large US bank which deployed a campaign using ATS saw 23% of their reached audience on cookieless browsers like Safari and Firefox, as well as 13% of their audience available only on cookieless browsers
  • A US department store retailer activating people-based campaigns on RampID to target its high-value audiences found that people-based marketing drove 130% increase in in-store visits, and a 19% increase in clickthrough rate

To learn more about ATS and RampID, reach out to [email protected].

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