Making Holidays Brighter: How Nordstrom Increased Engagement by 368%

September 5, 2019  |   LiveRamp

With more channels to engage with customers than ever before, retailers are challenged to better utilize their customer data to drive acquisition and improve brand loyalty. During the holiday season, Nordstrom wanted to engage shoppers in a more personalized manner. By leveraging offline customer insights and online data, Nordstrom created a targeted holiday campaign that not only appealed to current customers, but also resonated with potential customers, driving sales and building an enhanced customer base.

Targeting prospects through an omnichannel approach

To begin the holiday campaign, Nordstrom’s marketing team first defined its target audience of prospects. Then, using LiveRamp’s identity resolution technology, they collected real-time first-party data from to suppress existing customers and employees. 

After building their target audience, the team augmented third-party data based on key attributes of existing Nordstrom customers to test multiple creative assets within the same segment, ultimately seeing which messaging resonated best with new customers. 

Leveraging LiveRamp, the Nordstrom team protected the anonymity of customer records while still connecting their first-party data to programmatic display ads on Oath and dynamic content optimization on RevJet to measure return on ad spend (ROAS). 

Nordstrom used LiveRamp’s platform to optimize known customer lists, then targeted people on that list for programmatic display ads on other channels via Oath and RevJet. Building on the known list, the team built lookalike models to target non-Nordstrom customers with the holiday messaging to learn which messages best resonated with potential customers.

Leveraging people-based marketing for creative and targeted messaging

Once activated, the team reviewed the results that revealed the holiday messaging that resonated most with prospective customers. Nordstrom was able to:

  • Make informed decisions to optimize the creative messages that would most appeal to its target audience
  • See a 368% lift in engagement between best- and worst-performing creative for female audiences
  • See a 54% lift in engagement between best- and worst-performing creative for male audiences
  • See an 11% ROAS improvement YoY across programmatic display and video 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to delight potential customers while also satisfying existing customers

Happy holidays, indeed.

To read more on how LiveRamp’s people-based identity resolution technology can be used to create hyper-targeted campaigns to reach prospective customers, check out the case study.