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Build Trusted Data Partnerships with LiveRamp Safe Haven

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When the Apple Watch was first previewed by Tim Cook in September of 2014, reviewers gasped at the boldness of moving consumer tech into the high-fashion market. The gold Apple Watch Edition starting price was $10,000, and specific size and band options could bring the total to over $17,000. Yet by 2016, the gold Apple Watch Edition was dead, eliminated from the lineup and rejected by the market.

But Apple had a parallel plan that leaned on industry partners. Hermès was brought in to design and sell premium leather bands for the same fashion market that Apple was struggling in. Nike created workout apps, fitness bands, and watch faces. And partnerships with the Mayo Clinic, Stanford Medicine, and other research hospitals lead to major health studies that relied on data flowing from the many watch sensors Apple had built into the device.

Far from the early days of limited features, high fashion, and uncertain value, the Apple Watch is now the dominant consumer technology that sold millions more units in 2019 than the entire Swiss watch industry. This dramatic turnaround would not have been possible without Apple’s partnerships and internal drive to define a new market. 

The following presentation is not about Apple or watches or fashion, although we discuss all three. It’s about you and your partners. It’s about how your partners can transform your business by providing insights to confidently understand new audiences and existing ones with fresh eyes.

Those insights come from detailed data analyses and data collaboration with your partners, so this webinar is also about LiveRamp Safe Haven and how it can help you learn from your partners faster. 

To hear more about balancing data privacy and utility and collaborating with different partners in the best ways, watch Build Trusted Data Partnerships with LiveRamp Safe Haven: