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Brand Innovators Recap: TV and Cross-Screen Measurement

  • - LiveRamp
  • 2 min read

A recent Brand Innovators livecast was hosted by LiveRamp and featured savvy marketers from Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Cadillac, Northwestern Mutual, and Comscore taking a deep dive into the r(evolution) of cross-screen TV activation and measurement. Areas of discussion included addressability, custom audiences, the future state of premium video & TV, and the data you need to make it all work. Emceed by LiveRamp’s Gayatri Bhalla, Chief Evangelist for Advanced TV and GM of Political, the sessions included insights, case studies, and actionable steps attendees could start taking today. Below are select highlights we’ve put together. Click here to watch the sessions in full.

In Rewriting TV Buying Strategies, Aaron Baker, Head of Media Analytics for Bayer Pharmaceuticals explained his organization’s culture of exhaustive measurement and provided some advice for marketers when it comes to learning from failures, understanding the extent of your data capabilities, and questions to raise when it comes to your measurement strategy.

Featured in this clip from Measuring and Activating across All Screens & Streams, Marcie Pérez, Associate Director of Media & Performance Marketing for Cadillac, shared her thoughts on the importance of measuring reach and frequency, but also other metrics that matter and why they are important. 

Beth Reilly, Head of Integrated Media, Partnerships, and Social for Northwestern Mutual spoke during Flexibility and Fluidity: What do TV Partnerships Look Like in 2021? about engaging with Data Plus Math at her previous organization and how she’s applying those learnings today to navigate the fragmented landscape of connected TV.

In the last session of the day, How Comprehensive Cross-Screen Data = Cross-Screen TV Measurement Today, Carol Hinnant, Chief Revenue Officer of Comscore, hit upon the role identity plays for marketers who are buying across various platforms and how audience and impressions can play a significant role.  

Has your interest been piqued? You can catch all of the full sessions now! Want to get in touch to discuss cross-screen measurement strategies? Reach out to [email protected].