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Retail Marketers Close the Loop: Attributing In-Store Sales to Paid Search

  • - LiveRamp
  • 2 min read

Did you know that 90% of retail sales still happen in a physical store? The in-person experience is certainly hard to replicate in a digital environment, however, that’s not to say there’s no impact from digital on in-store shopping. In fact, 75% of shoppers report through surveys that they are digitally influenced, before or during a shopping trip. 

Advertisers and their agency partners have long wanted to connect the dots between someone they reached with an ad online to someone who went into a store to purchase. The ability to measure and prove that their ad campaigns had a direct effect on sales helps determine attribution and allows them to test strategies in ways they couldn’t before. They can finally put a value on store visits, see if a certain category of media spend drives more conversion than another, or understand the differences between customers who convert through a call center vs. in-store. 

So how exactly are advertisers leveraging their first-party transaction data to better understand the relationship to their in-store sales and online ads? By starting with the largest category of digital ad spending: paid search. 

By matching in-store transaction data to search campaign impressions, LiveRamp can help advertisers use their own data in a privacy-centric way to understand how much value digital ads are driving through in-store conversions. They can even break down how people convert by product category, transaction type, or campaign. 

As always, LiveRamp is committed to privacy compliance. LiveRamp hashes all identifiers to exchange with a RampID, which is encoded in a way that does not allow for sharing beyond the designated purpose. Directly identifiable personal data is never shared directly with any third-party partners, so you know your data is secure.

How can you get started? To activate this online-to-offline capability—currently available with our featured partners including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Pinterest—chat with your LiveRamp account director or reach out to our In-Store Sales Specialist, Kendall Sopoci, at [email protected]. With LiveRamp, advertisers can receive white glove support and can even expand their campaign reach by importing custom audiences that offer higher reach than direct import audiences.   

To find out more about this program, listen to our 17-minute webinar recording to understand how the store sales measurement program works and get started today.